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“Free Palestine” Charity Sale in Dar es Salaam

Come over to Sea Cliff Village and join hands with us to support Palestine!
We will be having t shirts, scarves, face painting, posters, and much more creative stuff.
Bring your siblings, kids and friends as well!!

Event is being held from 1pm-7pm on Saturday the 1st of December 2012

Items for Sale:

  • Bumper stickers
  • Water bottles
  • Keychains
  • T shirts
  • Bags
  • Calendars
  • Cupcakes
  • Face painting
  • Roses
  • Scarves
  • Cd’s
  • Cake
  • Pizza
  • Sugar cookies
  • Plate of Cookies
  • Cards


Imam Husain- Thought provoking lines. By: Hussein Dewji

Hussein Dewji

Hussein Dewji

1) Imam Husain was a winner 1400 years ago. Its only since then, each passing Muharam,His victory keeps getting bigger and bigger.
2) Labbayk ya Husain we keep on  chanting Heeding to him before he even called us
Chill, Wait!
Next time he calls, he won’t be with 72
But with 720…. Million
3) Who says Imam Husain attained Jannah after his martydom?
Don’t you remember he bought Karbobala as soon as he arrived?
Marhaba Ya Husain!
4) The Gentle rocking of Imam Husain’s cradly by Lady Fatehmah
Must have given him the strength to rock the world on Ashura.
O What a Mother!
O What a Son!
5) Imam Husain is my hero,
That’s why I can live with dignity
6) So you want to talk about Uniqueness?
First Name: Husain
First Time Sacrificing everything for Allah: Husain
First Time Purchasing Heaven on Earth (Kerbala): Husain
Need More?
7) And then came Qiyamah,
He was ordered: :You Zakir! 
Join the line over there towards Jannah.
He chuckled and and had a smile on his face when he saw
All wearing black, heading to Kerbala
8) Ya Imam Husain, 
We just remember you in the 10 days of Muharam
Yet we see so many miracles.
Just imagine, if me and you remembered him everyday!
9) O Lady Fatemah, What made Husain?
Was it your father’s blood?
Your husband’s love?
Your milk?
You must be so proud of him,
So are we!

The Event That Made Me Both, Cry and Smile.

Indeed to be given one day to do the Azaadari of Imam Hussein is a blessing. A blessing we will never understand.

As the first twelve days of Mahe Muharam come to an end, I wish to share my personal experience of this month of Muharam. This Muharam has been a different one for me as compared to previous ones. In the past I was one who spent maximum time of it in the mosques, majlises and different forms of Azaadari. However this time around being in University and having my end semester exams I was limited in the attending of the majlises and programs.

I recall how as the days came close by to the start of the month, I felt such a state of sadness and guilt that I was not able to attend and participate in the azaadari of Imam. I could not help but hurt that while everyone was shedding tears I had to spend time sitting in the library studying. Of course studying and completing your priorities is primary but the point here was that in those few days one would wish to be in a state of mind free from everything but the thoughts of the great sacrifice. As the days of Muharam went on the feeling got worse.

Come the night of Abul Fadhil I said to myself that this was it, I decided that it was time for Hazrat Abbas now. Hazrat Abbas is a personality who is very special to me for some reason. Every year when that night comes there is a certain feeling I get that is not there in other nights. I continue to discover what the reason is, but maybe its cause my mother named me Abbas after this loyal brother of our Imam. I visited a Centre about few hours away and finally managed to participate in some sort of azaadari. The pleasure and happiness felt was unexplainable. As I was returning back I was having somewhat of a mixed feeling. There was one feeling of deep sadness as to the events that transpired in the plains of Kerbala. But on the other hand I felt at such peace, I felt happy and my heart was smiling. This is when I realized that the heart can smile and cry at the same time. I sat for my exam the next day and with the Imams help managed it.

Two days later was the day of Ashoor and the heart only wanted to be in a gathering which mourned for the son of Lady Fatema (AS) and nothing else. There was no way I was going to spend this extremely heavy day in our calendar doing anything else. I was once again in a dilemma as the next day was an exam. Without much thought I chose to visit the centre and see what would happen then. I have to say it felt so good to make that choice that I fail to explain in words the satisfaction felt. As we finished the majlis of Shame Ghariba I made my way back with peace. A peace that I promise you cannot be achieved in anything but the azaadari of Imam Al Hussain (AS). I was not bothered about anything else for at that time it was about my Imam. The Imam who gave his everything, his everyone for me to be here, for me to feel alive spiritually so one exam couldn’t matter less.

Brothers and sisters, the reason of me sharing this experience is because first of all I wish to state that every individual who gets the chance to take part in the Azaadari of Imam Al Hussain(AS) is fortunate and very very blessed. Many a times we do not realize this until we are in a situation when we don’t have the means. Hence it is important that for all those who have lecturers around, have Imambargh and Centers to visit them and make the most of it. We never know when all this won’t be available.

Secondly, after this experience I have come to realize the true happiness and peace in the activities related to mourning for Imam and his family. Many a times we hear problems disappear and worries perish. It is not a myth brothers and sisters. We only see the benefits when we believe in it. I cannot imagine what it must be to be in Kerbala on these special days and the feelings one would experience. Makes me nostalgic!!!

Thirdly, from this whole experience of having to make adjustments of timings of studies to be able to attend majlises, the taking of effort to commute from one place to another and so on, it makes one realize how great Kerbala was and how massive the sacrifice Imam made was. Today after all these years the Love for Imam continues to grow. The urge to want to participate in activities related to him keeps on increasing and the bond stronger than ever. Look at the number of people doing ziyarah of Aba Abdillah (AS) in Kerbala. I wonder, if this is not a miracle in itself then what is a miracle?

And lastly and most importantly that amongst the efforts to want to participate in the forms of azaadari we should remember the real azaadari is when we are faced with challenges in the real world. Indeed the reward of leave alone crying, even pretending to cry is great in the eyes of Allah. As we all know the famous tradition of the Holy Prophet informing Bibi Fatema(AS) that, “All eyes will shed tears on the Day of Judgment except the eyes which cried over the difficulties of Husain, they will be smiling and pleased with the blessings of Paradise.” But despite this, Kerbala and Azaadari of Imam Hussain have more to it than that. It means the Shia of Hussain is one who with that peace he has achieved will show it in his actions. He will stand up for what Hussain stood up for and he will die if need be but will not sacrifice truth and justice be it even the smallest of forms and even if it is by his own friends and relatives. Brothers and sisters, this is Kerbala and this is our Imam Hussain.

This is the event that made me both cry and smile as I return back home.


Muharam Around The World- Photo Album

Check out pictures of how Muharam and the message of Husain was spread around the world!

Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, India,  Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Ghana, Norway, Pakistan, Uganda, United States, United Kingdom,

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The Urgent Need For Exemplary Parenthood

As the 6th day of Muharram approached, we started to remember how Imam Hussain (as) became alone; with no companions left by his side. The days of remembering his own dear family have come and this day (6th Muharam) is dedicated to none other than the two little hero’s of Kerbala, Hazrat Aun and Muhammed (as).
Before we start with the lesson from their story, a few words of praise is something these two little boys totally deserve. Imagine any 9 and 11 year old you may know. Now think of those 2 little boys actually sitting on a horse, and managing a sword and the reigns at the SAME time! For Hazrat Abbas, a full grown man, its not something hard, but for a 9 year old?!?! These two princes were so small that their legs didn’t even reach the foot placing of the saddles; yet not only did they go out and fight, but it is said that the two brothers killed 360 soldiers!! Imagine, they were so small, and thirsty for 3 days too!! Truly, only the grandchildren of Imam Ali (as) and Hazrat Jaffer (as) could have managed such a feat!…
Now one wonders how such small children were actually willing to go into the battlefield, knowing that the same fate awaited them that overtook their uncle’s companions ie: death.. I mean, wouldn’t normal kids run as far away from a scene like this as possible? But these kids weren’t just ordinary children, rather they were the result of bravery and loyalty to the Imam coming together to give birth to and train them.. Hence, today we will discuss a little upon the importance of correct upbringing, and this topic is as important for the kids reading this as it is for the adults since IA they will be parents too one day..
On the night of Ashura, we see that all the mothers give their children a “talk,” explaining to them how important it is for them to go out and fight to help the Imam (as) the next day. One very interesting line that we hear each mother say is that they do not want to be embarrassed in front of Bibi Fatemah (as) on the day of judgement, when she will ask them why they didn’t give up their sons to help her own.
Now hold on a minute.. Aren’t we mothers too, and don’t we have children living at the same time as one of the sons of Fatemah (as)? That means technically, rather SURELY, we will be asked too by the Lady of Light how, and if not, why didn’t our children help her son, the Imam of our time!!… Think, won’t we be asked?? Yup brothers and sisters, we’re going to face the same fate as the mothers of Kerbala.. How on Earth are we going to answer her???
Almost all parents have this way of thinking that their children are for their own selves. They bring them up from day one, until providing for them till their last year of university, thinking about how these children will assist them, and be of use to THEM in their old age. An honest question: Don’t we see the exact opposite in Kerbala?? Don’t the mothers literally compete with each other in having their children sacrificed for the Imam of their time? For every parent out there: Would you be able to have done the same thing if you were there? Whether or not your child would be willing to go is a different story; would YOU, knowing what lies ahead of you, be able to send your protectors out to the plains of Kerbala to be killed, leaving you to face what will one day be known as history’s worst tragedy??… Think parents, think…
We must understand that the current situation of the world is simply horrible… We need the Imam (as) RIGHT NOW, but he will only come when his army is ready. Dearest parents, please understand that his army, is in YOUR laps.. Gone are the days when you have to think about what a big degree you want your child to have, and how grand you want their weddings to be, and how your dream is to see them in the most expensive car bought with their own money! At the rate at which this world is going, we must realize that we have no guarantee what-so-ever that the countries where we are living and feel safe in, will be in the same situation tomorrow. Haven’t we seen that with Syria already?? Within weeks, a quite country never seen on the news is now a terror zone comparable to Iraq!!
So now, being in Zuhoor e Sughra, we just HAVE to wake up and stop thinking about all these worldly things!! We have to make our children understand how they can’t afford to waste their time on movies, fb, books, games, etc etc. A little relaxation here and there is ok. But as Bibi Zainab (as) had told her children about the Day of Ashura well in advance, the little boys had an divine aim in life, and hence worked their whole life getting ready for that reason on their existence.
Your question: Do our children have any aim in their life greater than: I have to top the class in my IGCSEs? Or that I one day will buy myself a Ferrari? Or an even more important question: Do they even have an aim?!?! When you answer that question, be honest with yourself… It’ll make you realize how much you have to work on your kids.. Shouldn’t their aim be: I want to be like Habib Ibne Mazahir, sooo great that rather than me calling the Imam (as), he calls me!! Come on parents, isn’t this what you’re supposed to be training your kids towards??
A final point we’ll touch on is how people tend to think that it is only the mother who is incharge of this major role of training children. I ask you: Wasn’t Hazrat Abdullah the one who told Bibi Zainab to take Hazrat Aun and Muhammed to Kerbala and sacrifice them? Wasn’t Imam Ali (as) the one who brought up all his 4 children, since the eldest ie: Imam Hassan (as) was no more than 7-8 years when Bibi Fatema (as) passed away? Wasn’t Bibi Fatemah (as) herself trained and taught almost entirely by her father?
Hence, men have an equal part in the upbringing role, and if because of the hard financial times, if men find themselves at work for too long, therefore unable to teach their children any lessons of life, the BEST thing which they can do is being superb examples for their children in every possible way. Children are great mimickers; after watching you do Wudhu before sleeping in their bathroom for 2 weeks, trust me, in a little while, they’re going to stand behind you waiting to do the same thing before they sleep too.
Therefore, the best way to teach your children how to be perfect beings, in both their Akhlaq and their knowledge, in their Dunya and the hereafter, is being perfect yourselves. Even the Quran tells us that:
O ye who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is Men and Stones.. (66:6)
So if you have decided that you will not watch movies anymore, or that you will start to perfectly wear Hijab, or that every morning you will sit in the hall with your laptop on full volume to listen to Dua e Ahad, then Insha Allah, your family will join you too. Man is inclined to goodness, all he needs is a push. Dear parents, you ARE that push for your children; please understand that…
May Allah (SWT) Guide us, and hence, enable us to be beacons of guidance for our children too, and May He Bless our children with the chance of being among the servants of our Imam (as) – Ameen!!

The Event of Karbala: The Paradigm To Humanity. Part 2/2

Dr Augustus Norton,a professor in department of political science at Boston university writes in his theses that ” the vents of Karbala provide a way of cementing peoples political identification ,and have also secede as a focal point for mass political mobilization in

Br. Husseinali Datoo

Lebanon, Iraq and Iran”. Contemporary Shia leaders shaped Imam Hussein’s martyrdom as preeminent spirit of heroism and sacrifice for all be to emulate in their struggle against oppressors and A standard by which all acts of martyrdom is analogized.

In contemporary form several incidents come to my mind amongst them.

In October 1983, during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon an Israeli military convoy desecrated the Ashura commemoration in southern Lebanon town of Nabatiya. Lebanese Shiite leader Mufti Mohammed Mahdi shams al din issued a fatwa calling on all Muslims to initiate total civil opposition to the Israeli occupation whose oppression was easily cpmpared by Lebanese Shiites with the tyrannical Umayyad ruler Yazid. The Nabatiya incident was a milestone in the resistance against occupation, inflaming their passion and setting off the resistance and subsequent hurried withdrawal from south Lebanon by Israel.

The most important politicization of Karbala occurred in Iran and the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini with the full opposition to the self styled king of kings – The Shah Pahlavi- who ultimately fell from power in 1979 after Islamic revolution. Here again Karbala and the resistance of Imam Hussein was a cornerstone in grouping the masses to topple tyranny.

In Iraq where imam Hussein is buried his shrine attracts millions of pilgrims every year the Shias have high expectations. The removal of Tyrant Saddam has brought a tremendous shift of balance of power in the Middle East and the theme of martyrdom and unjust usurpation of power that was all too evident has once again ignited the theme of Karbala and Imam Hussein’s resistance.

All in all the relevance of struggle of Imam Hussein was an attempt to humanize power, to align it to gentle spirit of humanity. The nature and exercise of power has remained unchanged throughout the centuries, yet the struggle against tyranny an injustice remains unshakable.

A conscious human race today understands on a mass scale the compulsions of fair play and compassion that is why the world today requires a renaissance one that can redefine the culture over power and politics veneering it towards humanism that cuts across all religions and ideologies.

Karbala is little understood but it offers a scholarly insight for theologians and layperson alike that needs to be explored and pondered upon in the present world situation where oppression and injustice is the order of the day.
With the passage of time and centuries down Imam Hussein has come to symbolize, more and more the integral sense of justice and courage of conviction because his martyrdom represents an enduring lesson to humanity and a legacy of initiatives for tolerance and religious pluralism arising from within Islamic tradition.

The supreme sacrifice offered by Imam Hussein is not for specific group; it is for entire humanity and particularly for the oppressed.

And so he came, he fell and he conquered….

The Event of Karbala: The Paradigm To Humanity. Part 1/2

The event of Karbala: The paradigm to humanity.

And so he came, he fell and he conquered….   

Br. Husseinali Datoo

History records that there have been two types of response when a society reaches the brink of moral collapse. The first is the destruction of the whole society- this we have seen during the deluge that overcame the people of Nuh.(A.S). The second is the martyrdom that strikes at the conscience of the society to restructure it on a new ethical foundation as was in evidence in Karbala.

How did the tragedy of Karbala occur and what relevance has it in the present day and Age? The question is on many a mind as this tragedy happened in present day Iraq some 1400 years ago. The tragedy of Karbala, being unique in nature and form has had many causes and purposes for its occurrence. The tragedy of Karbala reflects the collision between good versus the evil, the truth versus
falsehood, the variance of Imam Hussein.(A.S). versus Yazid the tyrant of that time.

Imam Hussein.(A.S). wanted to secure Islam original whilst Yazid ruled as a tyrant who violated every Islamic tenet to rule over the people. More so this is all too evident in the present day world. Arrogance and combative, half truths and domination is the hallmark of the present champion of Human rights. Karbala signifies a collective demonstration of courage and conviction of determination to full dedication to humanity exemplary.

Indeed a final stand had to be made to draw a line against evil if eternal values had to be sustained and saved. It was on the banks of Euphrates that the encounter took place amidst the unshakable force of human will not to surrender to the evil empire of that time that wore Islam as a mask (using it only as a means to power and wealth) and used the Qur’an as a wrapping to conceal their inner corruption.

Martyrdom exists as an active and powerful force in the ideology of Islam and to understand why it has such powerful roots and such symbolic weight, it is necessary to examine the different levels at which the perception itself manifests It is interwoven at the Quranic level and then takes on the active life in Islamic history.

Imam Hussein.(A.S). was quick to realize that giving allegiance of loyalty to Yazid would serve no purpose but to annihilate Islam. To safeguard Islam he would rather face death than submit to outrageous tyranny and the ways of tyrant Yazid.

While there have been numerous examples of tragic massacres and killings in history, no comparable historical episode comes readily to mind of a whole group deciding not in the heat of passing moment, but after due deliberation and choice to court certain death and torture for the sake of a cause, more so the conviction that Karbala saved humanity does not imply that evil forces came to an end. Indeed the forces of tyranny and unjust are as active today as they were during that time. But by challenging the mighty army of Yazid Imam Hussein.(A.S). performed a signal service of distinguishing from all time evil and this unique action has kept alive the pristine spirit and foundation of Islam.

This is what makes the event of Karbala a great institution of Martyrdom and the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.(A.S). is permanent on the larger society as firstly, there is a deep religious, political and moral impact of this tragedy on the oppressed people and still has an inherent potential to generate revolutions.

Secondly imam Hussein(AS) launched a great movement against moral decay and evil trends in society. Yazid’s aim was twofold to uphold the tyranny over freedom, to humiliate the guardians of morality and to usurp power in the hands of few who claimed to be the guardians of Islamic Ummah.(Community).

In the opinion of imam Hussein(AS) it was an unforgivable offence to let it prevail and perpetuate such a situation, ready himself to put at stake all that one can cherish in the material life, expose himself, his family including a six month old suckling baby – Aliasger, John his Christian devoted companion, friends and supporters to every type of mental anguish and torture and physical hardships to save Islam.

Who else than imam Hussein had the unwavering courage and faith like prophet Ibrahim to dare sit on a
volcano and march up to a canon’s mouth!

Imam Hussain Flyer – Tanzania

The team has designed and printed flyers to spread awareness of the third Imam, Imam Hussain (a.s). There are two sets of flyer; one in English and the other in the native tongue of Tanzania; Kiswahili. We will start distributing flyers across Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania on Saturday the 24th of November. Across Masaki, Msasani, Mickocheni, Town centre, Upanga, Kariakoo, Temeke.

Our message is simple, we want to give answers and reasons as to why we call Imam Hussain(a.s.) the saviour of mankind, who he really was. Why Ashura and why Hussain? The event and the personalities are lessons for the whole of mankind to ponder upon.


Please try and share this post in any way possible, be it through social media or e-mails. Please lets at least gain one value from our Imam.

Hadhrat Ali Akber- By Syed Kazim Rizvi


After Hadhrat Abbas, came the turn of Ali Akbar to go to the battlefield. The battle drums of the enemies were now getting louder and louder. It is reported that this eighteen year old son was so very much loved by one and all in the camp that the account of his taking leave of his aunts, sisters, brothers and other relatives is so emotional that none can resist shedding at least a few tears over the heart-rending event. At last when the Holy Imam sent Ali Akbar, the ‘Ahmad-e-Thani’, i.e., (Muhammad II), to the battlefield, he raised his head towards Heaven and said:

“Lord! Here I sent in your way, the one who resembled the most with the Holy Prophet Muhammad, whenever we did desire to have a view of the Holy face departed away from us, we used to look at the face of this youth.”

“Lord! Hussain has one Ali Akbar and he is sent to be sacrificed for your cause, had I many more like him, I would have similarly offered them all in your way.”

Is not this offer more acceptable to God than that of Abraham who offered with his eyes blindfolded? Is not this a Greater Sacrifice than that of Isma’il?

When Ali Akbar went to the battlefield, and faced the enemy with all the bravery that he inherited from his Grandfather Imam Ali, it is reported that the enemy forces were so much amazed at his resemblance with the Holy Prophet that such of those who had seen him before, wondered if the Holy Prophet had reappeared in the world to help his dear Grandson Hussain. People were so anxious to have a look at the enchanting beauty of the youth that those in the rear of the enemy’s ranks, mounted on the horses and camels, even stood on the backs of the animals to have a look at the matchless and the wonder striking beauty of this son of the Holy Imam.

Ali Akbar reminded the enemy that his father, Imam Hussain spent his life in the way of Islam, and did no harm to them. By spilling his blood they were making the Holy Prophet very sad. Umar son of Sa’ad told his troops not to listen to Ali Akbar, and ordered them to attack him. One by one he fought them with great skill, and killed many of them. Ali Akbar received several wounds, and was losing a lot of blood. The thirst was getting more unbearable. At the moment he longed to see his loved ones for the last time.

Ali Akbar turned his horse back towards his camp. He found his aged father standing at the entrance of the tent; watching the battle between his beloved thirsty son and the enemy. Imam congratulated his son and then said, “I am sad that I do not have any water to give you.”

It was not long before Imam Hussain heard the painful cry from the battlefield. Ali Akbar fell with a fatal wound in his chest. He called out to his father to come to him quickly. Imam Hussain (pbuh) went towards his son; and found him lying in a pool of his own blood.

Hadhrat Fadhil Abbas- By Syed Kazim Rizvi

Hadhrat Abbas

Hadhrat Abbas was born in Madinah on the 4th of Shaaban to Imam Ali and Bibi Fatema Kalabiyya, popularly known as Ummul Baneen.

Many experts in child psychology believe that parenting, education and the surroundings of a child play important roles in the formation of a person’s character and personality. In this regard, Hadhrat Abbas grew up in exceptional circumstances.

He was wise and knowledgeable as well as tall, handsome and brave. Among the Arabs it was a tradition to call beautiful children qamar, meaning moon. Hadhrat Abbas was called qamar-e-bani hashim, meaning the Moon of the Bani Hashim Clan. He was also polite and patient and this was a reminder of his father’s words that “no heritage is worthier than politeness.”

Hadhrat Abbas showed signs of courage and bravery from a very young age. During the battle of Siffeen, Hadhrat Abbas was in his early teens. The Syrian army of Mu’awiyah ibn Abu Sufyan blocked off the water supplies to Imam Ali’s camp. Hadhrat Abbas was sent by Imam Ali to confront Abu Shasa, one of Syria’s most powerful warriors. Abbas covered his face with a veil so as to hide his identity.

The Syrian arrogantly said,  “people compare my bravery to a thousand riders, now you want me to fight this young boy?” Abu Shasa sent his youngest son to confront Hadhrat Abbas. But his son was soon defeated and killed. Abu Shasa then sent his other son, but to his surprise, he was also killed. Then Abu Shasa, fuming with rage, swallowed his arrogance and personally entered the battlefield seeking to avenge the death in combat of his sons. But the boy was so valiant that he defeated him and made swift work of the infidel.

At this sight, the Muslim army rejoiced and felt surprised at the bravery of the young masked lad. Imam Ali called the youth and took the mask off his face. Then everyone saw that the brave youth was no one but Hazrat Abbas (a.s.).

His bravery was also shown in Karbala where it is narrated that by-standers from Kufa were said to have surprised when he entered the battlefield and confronted the infidels. Narrators report that shouts of, “it is Ali that has returned,” were heard from the by-standers.

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