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Ramadhan- Your Rehab Time…

Ramadhan- Your Rehab Time

The Holy Month of Ramadhan tends to possess an aura of its own, whilst people embrace the message of God with much attention and care, there also seems to be love flying in the air, people are willing to sacrifice things they wouldn’t on a normal day, the mosques are full with people, streets are livelier than ever and there seems to be an Islamic feeling around you. It is refreshing to see all of this, sometimes, I sit down and say to myself, perhaps Ramadhan should be much longer than it is, but then the thought of twenty hour fasts crosses my mind and I wonder what I am wishing for! But there’s a reason behind everything, and the reason I wish Ramadhan lasted longer was because I love the scenes during the Holy Month, I love to see people coming together to give time to their families, to the less fortunate, to the forgotten ones, time to go to mosque and most of all time to spread love to everyone.

This week, we will be approaching the 10th fast, which marks the completion of a third of this Holy Month, and the scenes across the globe have been overwhelming. People tend to get a lot of work done during the Holy Month, the excuse of “There is no time” is hardly heard, and this is what has prompted me to write this article.

It is amazing how we tend to get so much done despite the long fasts, the decrease in the level of energy due to the absence of food and drinks, the mosque rounds, late nights and of course the lack of sleep. It is here when I realised, that the excuse of “There is no time” is a myth created by us Humans to use it at our convenience and also in a bid to avoid doing things we less admire.

I tend to observe the change in timings and attitude amongst the people around me, mosque attendances tend to increase daily, support towards the less fortunate is overwhelming and the number of charitable events and timeless dedication of volunteers and people is exciting. This is why I love Ramadhan, the coming together of people, the love is spread and there seems to be faith restored in humanity.

The next twenty days will be one to cherish, it feels like a carnival, the atmosphere can be likened to that of the World Cup, people of various backgrounds willing to meet each other, to sacrifice in a bid to make sure the other person gets the best and for once, the world feels like a great place to live in.

However, I fear, I fear the post Ramadhan effect, will we ever experience this atmosphere again or will we have to wait for a year again? Will charity be given like it was during this month? Will the less fortunate be catered for, what happens to the hungry ones who were fed immensely during the thirty days, will the walls of the mosques be blessed with our presence and will the people around us feel the love they felt throughout the holy month?

 Whilst many of us tend to use this Holy Month to uplift our spirituality level, to accomplish tasks which aren’t on our priority list throughout the year and also to use it as a means of losing weight, perhaps we should take this as the platform to exercise time management.

This is the perfect month to set our priorities, to change our life style, to ensure that throughout the year we strive in the same manner as we do during the Holy Month, in a bid to ensure that when the next Holy Ramadhan comes to us, we are a better individual and have other objectives.

What else can stop us from ensuring we serve humanity and cater for the less fortunate, what can necessarily be our excuse for not being able to attend mosque? If we would do a particular act during the Holy Month, why not do it throughout the year? Why would you not do an unlawful act during the Holy Month but would willingly do it throughout the year?

We need not to have an excuse for everything, time is of great essence and we ought to manage it in the same manner as we do it during Ramadhan. Flourish the whole year with kindness, charity, love and compassion and see how the world changes with you.

I end with a famous quote by Lau Tzu who said “Time is a created thing. To say, “I don’t have time” is like saying “I don’t want to.” The choice therefore is yours, yes time does fly, but what we tend to forget is that we are the pilots of our flight. Manage your time, set up your priorities, before someone else does it for you…

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