Muharram Art Competition

Salaam Alaykum everyone!

We are proud to present to you… the first Muharram Art Competition!
Open to everyone, anywhere, and of all ages!
We hope you all take this opportunity to express your connection with the family of the Prophet (saw).

We will be posting your submissions on our Facebook, twitter and Instagram pages as well!

In order to make the judgment fair, we have divided the competition into 4 categories
o Painting
o Drawings
o Photographs
o Digital art

Deadline: November 16, 2013
Send us your work on
Give us your name, where you are from, your age and contact details

Rules for the competition:
• Submit a clear photograph/scan of the work
• Should be done by yourself
• Tell us what materials you used
• Submit a paragraph with the work
o At least 200 words, not more than 250 words
o What does the art mean? – How does it relate to your relationship with Imam (as) or Muharram

Let us know if you have any questions and spread the word!

What do you think?

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