“Two kinds of thirst, can never be quenched: one, the thirst for material things, and second, the thirst for knowledge”,  Imam al-Sadiq, grandson of the Prophet.

Our fast paced lives sometimes leaves us with very little, or no time, to quench the thirst for knowledge, which led us to come up with this blog, to try and refresh our minds, in small bursts, with articles from a few dedicated youth.

The main aim of this blog is to create awareness of our religion- Islam, which has been under constant threat and criticism under the media. We thought of putting together different pieces of art, literature, poems and media to give the real picture of Islam to the world. The success of this blog and the spread of the word of Islam doesn’t depend on the writers, rather it is the support of our readers that will keep us motivated in this noble cause.

We do invite articles, poems or any information in any form that will help us educate the world and spread the world of Islam, simply email us at perfection.seek@gmail.com.We hope we can fulfil our objectives, and create the needed awareness so as to make this world a better place to live in.

Looking forward towards your support in this noble cause.

With Duas

Team Seekperfection

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