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#HussainIs- Arbaeen Video

This video shows what Hussain means to both Muslims and non muslims all over the world. It show how people commemorate his martyrdom, his sacrifice and his resistance in order to bring reform. It shows how Hussain’s legacy still lives on 1400 years later and in the hearts of people from all over the world.

A Letter To Kerbala

The letter below was written by a brother who just about missed out to go for Arbaeen in Kerbala.

Dear Kerbala,

I write this letter with utmost grief and sorrow in my heart, and in a state where I can not really seem to forgive myself, simply because I will not be visiting you this time. It has been exactly six months since my first ever visit to you, and you were nothing short of an amazing and very hospitable host.

Kerbala, I remember our first meeting very well, when I descended from the bus to be greeted by the scorching sun and hot air surrounding me, but there was something special in this air, there was a fragrance of heaven that made me forget the heat and fall in love with you immediately. From then on, every step I took with you, I felt special, honored and most of all my heart had finally found the much needed satisfaction I had been looking for over twenty years.

My dear friend, then you made me meet the two holy personalities I have been hearing of every year, the two brave soldiers of Islam and saviour of Humanity, you made me meet Abbas and Husain. O Kerbala, you witnessed my arrival to these two personalities, you stood there to cool me when I cried my heart out as I met Husain and Abbas.

Our farewell was something I never looked forward to, but I was told all good things come to an end, and so did this. However, I remember my promise to Husain and to you O my Friend, that I shall be back with the millions who shall come for Arbaeen, to honor you and show the world how blessed you are; and so did I leave, counting days to come back and meet you.

O heaven on earth, O Kerbala, it is however sad to let you know that our meeting has been postponed for reasons only Allah knows, but Kerbala, please don’t be disappointed, please forgive me for this short coming of mine. I don’t know the reason behind my failure, but maybe I failed in my duties to the Lord, or maybe I didn’t fulfill my obligations to Husain, or maybe I just let down myself.

So Kerbala, I won’t be amongst the millions that will visit you in the coming week, I won’t be amongst the millions who will walk for days just to meet you, I won’t be there to embrace you, nor to see you, but O Kerbala, you are in my heart. O Holy Land, pardon my absence, but make it a reason for my visit in the coming days, because O Land, I am in love with you.

My friend, you have gone through a lot of miseries, problems and difficulties in your life. You were there when Husain was killed, when Abbas’s arms were chopped, when Asgher was struck by a three headed spear and when the caravan was looted. Despite of all this, you have been loyal to the master, you have been an amazing host and are the identity of heaven on earth.

Therefore my friend, I ask you, to host my brothers and sisters coming to visit you, to show them the love, spread within them the aroma and fragrance of heaven, but most of all, O land, make not their meeting with the Master Husain the last, but, one of the many more to come.

O friend, how lucky you are, on you are two holy personalities, to you do millions come every month, and angels descend to yours every hour, so does the Holy Prophet and his progeny, all with nothing but the love and hope to meet and pay respects to Husain, the saviour of humanity.

I shall end this letter O Kerbala, with tears in my eyes, my hands trembling with fear, my body shocked and my heart devastated for missing out the opportunity to meet you once again. However, O lovely friend of mine, I shall be back soon, to visit you and my master Husain.

May you be blessed and loved as always,

Kind regards,

Your devastated friend,

Lover of Husain!

Imam Husain- Thought provoking lines. By: Hussein Dewji

Hussein Dewji

Hussein Dewji

1) Imam Husain was a winner 1400 years ago. Its only since then, each passing Muharam,His victory keeps getting bigger and bigger.
2) Labbayk ya Husain we keep on  chanting Heeding to him before he even called us
Chill, Wait!
Next time he calls, he won’t be with 72
But with 720…. Million
3) Who says Imam Husain attained Jannah after his martydom?
Don’t you remember he bought Karbobala as soon as he arrived?
Marhaba Ya Husain!
4) The Gentle rocking of Imam Husain’s cradly by Lady Fatehmah
Must have given him the strength to rock the world on Ashura.
O What a Mother!
O What a Son!
5) Imam Husain is my hero,
That’s why I can live with dignity
6) So you want to talk about Uniqueness?
First Name: Husain
First Time Sacrificing everything for Allah: Husain
First Time Purchasing Heaven on Earth (Kerbala): Husain
Need More?
7) And then came Qiyamah,
He was ordered: :You Zakir! 
Join the line over there towards Jannah.
He chuckled and and had a smile on his face when he saw
All wearing black, heading to Kerbala
8) Ya Imam Husain, 
We just remember you in the 10 days of Muharam
Yet we see so many miracles.
Just imagine, if me and you remembered him everyday!
9) O Lady Fatemah, What made Husain?
Was it your father’s blood?
Your husband’s love?
Your milk?
You must be so proud of him,
So are we!

The Event That Made Me Both, Cry and Smile.

Indeed to be given one day to do the Azaadari of Imam Hussein is a blessing. A blessing we will never understand.

As the first twelve days of Mahe Muharam come to an end, I wish to share my personal experience of this month of Muharam. This Muharam has been a different one for me as compared to previous ones. In the past I was one who spent maximum time of it in the mosques, majlises and different forms of Azaadari. However this time around being in University and having my end semester exams I was limited in the attending of the majlises and programs.

I recall how as the days came close by to the start of the month, I felt such a state of sadness and guilt that I was not able to attend and participate in the azaadari of Imam. I could not help but hurt that while everyone was shedding tears I had to spend time sitting in the library studying. Of course studying and completing your priorities is primary but the point here was that in those few days one would wish to be in a state of mind free from everything but the thoughts of the great sacrifice. As the days of Muharam went on the feeling got worse.

Come the night of Abul Fadhil I said to myself that this was it, I decided that it was time for Hazrat Abbas now. Hazrat Abbas is a personality who is very special to me for some reason. Every year when that night comes there is a certain feeling I get that is not there in other nights. I continue to discover what the reason is, but maybe its cause my mother named me Abbas after this loyal brother of our Imam. I visited a Centre about few hours away and finally managed to participate in some sort of azaadari. The pleasure and happiness felt was unexplainable. As I was returning back I was having somewhat of a mixed feeling. There was one feeling of deep sadness as to the events that transpired in the plains of Kerbala. But on the other hand I felt at such peace, I felt happy and my heart was smiling. This is when I realized that the heart can smile and cry at the same time. I sat for my exam the next day and with the Imams help managed it.

Two days later was the day of Ashoor and the heart only wanted to be in a gathering which mourned for the son of Lady Fatema (AS) and nothing else. There was no way I was going to spend this extremely heavy day in our calendar doing anything else. I was once again in a dilemma as the next day was an exam. Without much thought I chose to visit the centre and see what would happen then. I have to say it felt so good to make that choice that I fail to explain in words the satisfaction felt. As we finished the majlis of Shame Ghariba I made my way back with peace. A peace that I promise you cannot be achieved in anything but the azaadari of Imam Al Hussain (AS). I was not bothered about anything else for at that time it was about my Imam. The Imam who gave his everything, his everyone for me to be here, for me to feel alive spiritually so one exam couldn’t matter less.

Brothers and sisters, the reason of me sharing this experience is because first of all I wish to state that every individual who gets the chance to take part in the Azaadari of Imam Al Hussain(AS) is fortunate and very very blessed. Many a times we do not realize this until we are in a situation when we don’t have the means. Hence it is important that for all those who have lecturers around, have Imambargh and Centers to visit them and make the most of it. We never know when all this won’t be available.

Secondly, after this experience I have come to realize the true happiness and peace in the activities related to mourning for Imam and his family. Many a times we hear problems disappear and worries perish. It is not a myth brothers and sisters. We only see the benefits when we believe in it. I cannot imagine what it must be to be in Kerbala on these special days and the feelings one would experience. Makes me nostalgic!!!

Thirdly, from this whole experience of having to make adjustments of timings of studies to be able to attend majlises, the taking of effort to commute from one place to another and so on, it makes one realize how great Kerbala was and how massive the sacrifice Imam made was. Today after all these years the Love for Imam continues to grow. The urge to want to participate in activities related to him keeps on increasing and the bond stronger than ever. Look at the number of people doing ziyarah of Aba Abdillah (AS) in Kerbala. I wonder, if this is not a miracle in itself then what is a miracle?

And lastly and most importantly that amongst the efforts to want to participate in the forms of azaadari we should remember the real azaadari is when we are faced with challenges in the real world. Indeed the reward of leave alone crying, even pretending to cry is great in the eyes of Allah. As we all know the famous tradition of the Holy Prophet informing Bibi Fatema(AS) that, “All eyes will shed tears on the Day of Judgment except the eyes which cried over the difficulties of Husain, they will be smiling and pleased with the blessings of Paradise.” But despite this, Kerbala and Azaadari of Imam Hussain have more to it than that. It means the Shia of Hussain is one who with that peace he has achieved will show it in his actions. He will stand up for what Hussain stood up for and he will die if need be but will not sacrifice truth and justice be it even the smallest of forms and even if it is by his own friends and relatives. Brothers and sisters, this is Kerbala and this is our Imam Hussain.

This is the event that made me both cry and smile as I return back home.


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