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Zahra- A Poem On Bibi Fatema (as)

by Nouri Sardar

Zahra Zahra, no-one like her
Zahra Zahra, Heaven’s flower

* * *

The Lord created the foundations of Heaven
With it he gave a gift to all of creation
An angel wrapped in the scent of the Lord’s wisdom
This gift was called Fatima, leader of women

The world, the world owes all to her
The world, the world, reaches for her

* * *

She is a proof against oppressors and evil
Those who have her love are immune to the devil

The whole world knows her scent as the scent of angels
The unhidden secret, the true holy grail

Secrets, secrets.. Do not know her
Secrets, secrets.. Unless they’re hers

* * *

Everything that exists takes Zahra as a guide

We take from her like sand is taken by the tide

Her prayer and patience shows how devils are defied

Every single good deed by Fatima abides

Her prayer, her prayer.. It defines her

Her prayer, her prayer.. It yearns for her

* * *

To hearts of truth and wisdom she is a mother
Much like elegant birds, flock to her her lovers
Yearns for her the Earth, and with it the hereafter
When she prostrated, the Universe circled her

Circles, circles.. All around her
Circles, circles.. Like the ka’ba

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