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A Letter To Kerbala

The letter below was written by a brother who just about missed out to go for Arbaeen in Kerbala.

Dear Kerbala,

I write this letter with utmost grief and sorrow in my heart, and in a state where I can not really seem to forgive myself, simply because I will not be visiting you this time. It has been exactly six months since my first ever visit to you, and you were nothing short of an amazing and very hospitable host.

Kerbala, I remember our first meeting very well, when I descended from the bus to be greeted by the scorching sun and hot air surrounding me, but there was something special in this air, there was a fragrance of heaven that made me forget the heat and fall in love with you immediately. From then on, every step I took with you, I felt special, honored and most of all my heart had finally found the much needed satisfaction I had been looking for over twenty years.

My dear friend, then you made me meet the two holy personalities I have been hearing of every year, the two brave soldiers of Islam and saviour of Humanity, you made me meet Abbas and Husain. O Kerbala, you witnessed my arrival to these two personalities, you stood there to cool me when I cried my heart out as I met Husain and Abbas.

Our farewell was something I never looked forward to, but I was told all good things come to an end, and so did this. However, I remember my promise to Husain and to you O my Friend, that I shall be back with the millions who shall come for Arbaeen, to honor you and show the world how blessed you are; and so did I leave, counting days to come back and meet you.

O heaven on earth, O Kerbala, it is however sad to let you know that our meeting has been postponed for reasons only Allah knows, but Kerbala, please don’t be disappointed, please forgive me for this short coming of mine. I don’t know the reason behind my failure, but maybe I failed in my duties to the Lord, or maybe I didn’t fulfill my obligations to Husain, or maybe I just let down myself.

So Kerbala, I won’t be amongst the millions that will visit you in the coming week, I won’t be amongst the millions who will walk for days just to meet you, I won’t be there to embrace you, nor to see you, but O Kerbala, you are in my heart. O Holy Land, pardon my absence, but make it a reason for my visit in the coming days, because O Land, I am in love with you.

My friend, you have gone through a lot of miseries, problems and difficulties in your life. You were there when Husain was killed, when Abbas’s arms were chopped, when Asgher was struck by a three headed spear and when the caravan was looted. Despite of all this, you have been loyal to the master, you have been an amazing host and are the identity of heaven on earth.

Therefore my friend, I ask you, to host my brothers and sisters coming to visit you, to show them the love, spread within them the aroma and fragrance of heaven, but most of all, O land, make not their meeting with the Master Husain the last, but, one of the many more to come.

O friend, how lucky you are, on you are two holy personalities, to you do millions come every month, and angels descend to yours every hour, so does the Holy Prophet and his progeny, all with nothing but the love and hope to meet and pay respects to Husain, the saviour of humanity.

I shall end this letter O Kerbala, with tears in my eyes, my hands trembling with fear, my body shocked and my heart devastated for missing out the opportunity to meet you once again. However, O lovely friend of mine, I shall be back soon, to visit you and my master Husain.

May you be blessed and loved as always,

Kind regards,

Your devastated friend,

Lover of Husain!

It’s That Time Of The Year Again- By Br. Mohammed Kazim Suleman

It’s that time of the year again.

After receiving invitations from their Lord, a select few will have the ultimate honour of attending the grandest of spiritual banquets and have the chance to implore in God in His courtyard.

In this article, I would like to share a small story that connects this beautiful pilgrimage with the Imam of our time, Imam Mahdi (atfs).

The ahadith say that one of the duties of the Imam of our Time (atfs) while he is in occultation is that he performs hajj every single year. (See footnotes below for other roles of the Imam (atfs).

There was a man from Iraq by the name of Ali bin Ibrahim Mahziyaar who had a deep desire to meet Imam Mahdi (atfs). He would thus go to Hajj every year, hoping to meet his Imam (atfs).

After going several times and not meeting the Imam, Mahziyaar went one year and while he was in close proximity to the Kabba in Masjidul Haram, he saw a handsome man whom he approached.

The man was not the Imam (atfs), but he asked Mahziyaar where he was from and what he had come here to do.

Mahziyaar told him he had come to meet the Imam of the Time (atfs), the man replied by saying, “When the stars shine brightly in the sky, I will wait for you between the Black Stone (Hajar al-Aswad) and Safaa.”

Mahziyaar was extremely happy at the prospect of meeting the Imam (atfs) . He waited out the remaining hours tensely, and when night fell, we went to the spot where he was to meet the man.

After greeting each other, the two set off, the handsome man in the lead.

They travelled for a little while until they stopped in one valley where a lone tent sat, shining brightly in the darkness.

The man told Mahziyaar to wait, after which he approached the tent and entered inside it.

A short while later, the man emerged from the tent and told Mahziyaar that the Imam (atfs) has given permission for Mahziyaar to meet him.

The narrated conversation that follows between Mahziyaar and the Imam of the Time (atfs) can serve as a wonderful lesson for those of us who want to get closer to our Imam (atfs).

The Imam told Mahziyaar, “We were waiting for you day and night. Why did you come so late?”

To which he replied, “O my master! I could not find anyone to lead me towards you. I wanted to meet you for so many years.”

After writing something on the sand, the Imam (atfs) said that this was not the case, and that their meeting was delayed for three reasons, all to do with Mahziyaar’s shortcomings.

The Imam (atfs) told him:

– “You were preoccupied with gathering money and wealth.

– You behaved proudly with the poor and weak believers.

– You broke relations with your near ones.”

“O Ali bin Ibrahim Mahziyaar,” he continued, “The special Shias are those whose actions are just like their words.”

How sad would it be if we let petty things like greed and arrogance stands in our way of being true followers of the Imam (atfs)?

It’s important to realize that the first, and maybe most important step in our journey to becoming representatives of the Imam (atfs) is to purify ourselves in order to become better, stronger Muslims.

We pray to the Almighty Allah to grant us the opportunity of being his guests and to give us the golden chance of meeting the Imam (atfs).

The roles of the Imam (atfs) while he is in occultation include:

– helping those people who are lost on a journey
– performing Hajj every year
– assisting the scholars
– attending the funeral of every pious believer that passes away

(Based on a hadith from Imam Jaffer Sadiq (as)

– The story of Ali bin Ibrahim Mahziyaar is narrated in pages 539 – 542 of Muhammad bin Harir Tabari’s book, Dalaaelul Imamat



Is it really the injustice that doesn’t stop or is it me?- By Zameena Kassam


There is never a day that passes by in the lands of my fellow brothers and sisters, that the sound of gunshots is not heard. And there is never a day that the wind blows past them without the smell of the burning fire across the road. Oh God, has there ever been a day a family has sat together and laughed without the worry of losing each other the very next moment? Oh God, has there ever been a day my fellow oppressed muslims around the globe have been able to live their lives like I do?

Such are the thoughts that taunt me every night of every day. And I think to myself is there anything I can do for them? Not often, however, I’ve heard the news, watched the videos, cried at the pictures and raised my hands for them too. Yet, is there anything more I can do to help them? Is there any other way at my disposal that I can hold on to those hands that reach out to me for help?
Then came this one night, where my heart ached of pain and my eyes filled with tears of shame. It is then that I realized the ultimate answer to my question. It is then that it occurred to me that as compared to food, clothes and shelter, it is moreover a SAVIOUR that they need. A saviour who would put a firm halt on all the injustice and restore the peace we crave. A personality who possesses the ability to bring back to every child, his lost father, and bring back smiles to the mothers who carry in their arms their hungry infants. And need not I think who that saviour may be, for theres only ONE ULTIMATE SAVIOUR for whom the entire world awaits- The Mahdi (ATFS)

However, what filled my heart with guilt and eyes with embarrassment, was knowing that I am the reason for the delayed coming of this saviour. It maybe my one action every day that I do so guiltlessly that might have denied his arrival this Friday. Is it my subh namaz that I miss, or my other prayers that I rush? Is it my Thursday nights wasted or my Fridays more of a weekend than looking for my awaited one? Is it those innumerable times I complain or the way I dress? Is it really my Imam who chooses not to come, OR IS IT ME??

Never had it occurred to me, that my role in stopping the injustice is the greatest of all. I always thought food and shelter is all they needed. And now that it comes to my realization the greatest of all their needs, sorrow is just what I find within me. I look back and all I can think of is what have I done that requires not of me to be regretful? BUT, do I have any more time to stop and think? Is there even ONE more Friday that I can let go off my hands despite knowing it is MY call that the Imam awaits?
Now that I see through the pictures again, with answered questions in my mind, I see the wait of the saviour seem so long in the eyes of the oppressed. I notice tears running down their cheeks yet a smile they manage to wear, for they know, they know He’s coming. I see them try getting a soundful sleep every spot they earn, because although theyre surrounded with fire, they know theres a saviour. And I see again mothers in search of their children and fathers trapped amongst the cruel soldiers, but more than that, I see the belief in them, that there is someone who can get them where they want to be. BUT to undermine everything, there is ONE thing I see that just forces my head to bow down….

And that’s when I see those same tearing, hopeful and searching eyes look into my eyes and see no hope for themselves; and those hands stretched out to me in help slowly fall back down into place downheartedly. It feels like a failure to see those yearning hearts turn away from me. Because they can feel my irresponsiveness in every bullet that they take & every brother that they lose.
So now the questions that taunt me are,




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