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Poem: The Minefield- By Sadia Zaidi

 The  Minefield


I  am told I must tread,

Across this minefield,

Oh, how very challenging,

Let’s see what I yield.

Imperative to go,

Danger mines scattered around,

Wrong step will blow my fate,

And troubles shall abound.

Must reach to the end,

With my bag of good deeds,

An overwhelming task,

Most difficult indeed!

Careful steps I begin,

Protecting what is mine,

Don’t want to blow apart,

Lose all to this mine.

Closely, if I see,

The mines here are,

Small slips of tongue,

But Gigantic, the errors.

The comment I didn’t mean,

The hot exchange of words,

Are all explosive mines,

Turning gardens to deserts.

The wrong forbidden gaze,

May seem innocent fun,

But will trigger the mine,

Leaving apart none.

The sin thought so tiny,

Looked harmless to me,

But over here it’s a mine,

Threatening to destroy me.

For an Earthquake’s crack,

Will shake a skyscraper,

Built over many years,

Seconds will see it taper.

Halfway through this field,

When I look behind and see,

Realize ‘tis not so hard,

To achieve victory.

Keep your focus on the goal,

That is Allah’s pleasure,

Then mines you can avoid,

Your good deeds you treasure.

(The greatest sin is the one whose doer perceives it to be minor- Hadees )


Worlds Apart by Nouri Sardar

Worlds apart I search for the road from me to you O’ Hussain

What veils and what worlds exist between myself and Hussain?
Can one who the heart has stolen… be worlds apart from his servant?

* * *

He who wanders the world of love… I stand alone at this world’s end
My eye searches for your figure… so to your wounds I can attend
And yet still worlds apart I stand… even if worlds your love transcends
I wish when you stood there alone… my hand to you I could extend
Is it fair that I can’t soothe you… yet to all of my wounds you tend?
I wish when swords upon you preyed… that my Master I could defend

I stand on the edge of one world crying out your name, Hussain
And my tears that drip down reshape to write your name O’ Hussain
Can he who’s love destroys reason… be worlds apart from his servant?

* * *

Is it fair that time can stand still… when I’m entranced by your mention
Yet it won’t go back centuries… to days of your tribulation
Is it fair that you come to me… in each hopeless situation
But I cannot return to you… when left you there a whole nation
And you stood there amongst the dead… in your eyes but death’s reflection
Drawn in your eye the tears that saw… on Hussain the world’s desertion

Tell me how the eye that sees this notices me O’ Hussain?
How does the man that walks with death seek life in me O’ Hussain?
Can he who his love times strengthen… be worlds apart from his servant?

* * *

Though time draws us further apart… fires in me you’ve created
So when my mind recalls your day… I feel your pain on me weighted
I see your day as clear as day… within my eye illustrated
I weep upon my hand my tears… tears and images they’ve painted
As clear as I can see this hand… on it with horrors I’m greeted
I see fire chase tent to tent… and how your daughters are treated

No it’s not just your eye that saw these tragedies O’ Hussain
Millions witness your day and weep beside you O’ Hussain
Can he who gives men his vision… be worlds apart from his servant?

* * *

I live in dreams with such deep love… some dreams all I see is beauty
Others, my heart stops in its tracks… and my eyes see calamity
They see the sun on the sky perched… as it taunts young tongues so thirsty
They see arrows thirsty for blood… and swords see death as a bounty
Indeed I’m taunted by your love… it can shape the heart as mighty
Yet it can tear that heart apart …and I break down, a man empty

What love that gives the heart joy, yet makes the eye weep for Hussain
And yet both in smiles and cries all it calls for is Hussain
Can the cause of such emotion… be worlds apart from his servant?

* * *

When veils between worlds are lifted… will you hear me cry out your name?
Will you search for the voice that calls… for its beloved and burning flame
Will your forget that your suffering… a soul for this voice it became
So that each time it sought good deeds… your message it longed to enflame
Will you recall those who served you… is that not why to us you came?
O’ he who needs servants, please know… my need for you is just the same

When we are judged will you hear the voice that cries out O’ Hussain?
What is judgement if we are not rescued by you O’ Hussain?
Can he who holds such a burden… be worlds apart from his servant?

* * *

London – 24/10/11

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