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A Lonely Grave- A Poem About Bibi Fatema and Jannatul Baqi

by Taher Adel

I glanced upon each forgotten grave
And pondered about the souls beneath the soil
One stood out, masked by scented silence
She was buried last night by a man
Who appeared to age throughout the burial
I watched on as I saw him stare into the wounds that clawed her soul away
Carefully giving back what seemed to be the most significant part of him
I watched how his mortal eyes stitched the painful images left by her demise
And witnessed how her memory, once a reality
Became a secret spinning across the quilted fabrics of time
What did he find when he pressed his fingers between her ribs?
What possessed this man to leave with her half his soul?
Tied between the soil and her lips?

Dawn slowly made an entrance accompanied by its brightness
But sunlight stopped at her grave
As if needing an invitation
Leaving it in darkness
It was a lonely grave and I couldn’t help but ask
Who she was and what was the broken secret inside
I spoke to her grave one night
Her grave spoke back to me
“Understand that radiant energy
Is found in us, everywhere around us
But it is not from us
Understand that she once crossed our orbit
And from her 12 sparks formed
Understand that she is an imitation of the Sun that bore her
A reflected bride to the moon
That she walked on the earth blinding the eyes of angels
Like her father at noon
Understand that she was raised in the arms of the Quran
While Mohammed was raised in hers
A mother to her father
And what was broken
Was her ribs and what was hidden was Ali’s crying heart
Who-else can bare his sadness but her?”

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