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Possessions by Sadia Batool Zaidi

May I please take along,
The coffee mug from Rome I got,
And the perfume, expensive one,
The movie star which had endorsed?

The paintings all original ones,
Shipped in especially from New York,
The Diamond Studded wallet too,
that set the whole family talk.

The chocolates, finest from England,
The watch, exclusive from Japan,
My favourite novels and Cd’s,
The carpet brought in from Iran.

If not all these, at least my pride,
kindly allow me to carry,
Badgets, credits, certificates,
My prizes all and my trophies.

Gizmos,Gadgets that all envy,
The souvenirs I gathered on way,
On journeys made around the globe,
Will my world credit card work there?

What was that? Did you just say no?
but baggage for a trip must stay,
If its excess,at least a few,
Oh please, oh please, tell me I may.

“Your Journey is a Final One,
Your rules are those that are forbade,
Sorry, no baggage that you want,
Only Transactions that you made.

Transactions that would profit you,
Or ones which put you in Distress,
Your credits will multiply more,
But Debits any,will make less.

Please don’t take Dollars or Euros,
For they do not activate there,
Hope you’ve arranged our currency,
to make you happy all the way.

Good Deeds are the coins you will need,
Transactions of deeds that gave joy,
To your Lord, Parents and others,
In that World, deeds are your envoy.

It’s too late now to think of this,
You must go with me there indeed,
Possessions, yours, if any at all,
Are sent already, your good deeds.”

                                                           ——- Sadia Batool Zaidi

Are We Ready? by Muzafer M Alidina

We’ve been constantly warned that the period of Ghaybat (occultation) is a two-way street; that the Imam is the awaited one, yet he is continuously waiting for us to prepare for him. That yearning for him is more than crying for him, it is about uprooting those baser desires and taking steps towards Taqwa (God consciousness). And we know for a fact that he yearns for us, that he cries for us.

If you need proof for his existence, there is a ton. If you visit there is a column entitled the “green pages”, which is currently dealing with the occultation of our awaited Imam. It deals with specific topics that give a great deal of detail on a wide variety of proofs.  Of course, those hoarse-laden men who sit on the pulpits at mosques have told us time and again about these things. We’ve heard them over and over again. So then what is it that stops us from perfecting ourselves? What is it that stops us from preparing ourselves?

Take this scenario. If say, for example, the Imam of our time walked into our house, and visited our personal abodes. What would he see? Would he see the stash of music DVD’s layered in rows under our TV’s? Or would he see the faint line of dust covering the Qur’an in our bookshelves? Or would he hear the vain talk that persists in our homes?

The answer of course, lies within us. Awaiting him is a two way street. We have to want him for him to come. Simply needing a savior who will save us from all oppression – will not do the trick. The disease is apathy, and the cure is hope of a better future, intrinsically intertwined with an intense desire of each and every soul to be with the truth, to be with him.

To drive this point further, take the example of an organic chemist. Before an organic chemist decides on pursuing the discovery of another arbitrary complex molecule, he or she has to design a very complex set of mechanisms that can achieve this new compound. In so far as if the compound is not in the right orientation at one step (i.e. if it is facing north and not south), the whole process can go down the drain and two or three years of work is dumped out, not to mention the vast amount of money that goes into it. The process has to be dealt with special care, and continuous devotion. This is what we need to seek.

When the Prophet (s.a.w.s) was asked about verse 140 of sura Aal-e-Imran (sura #3), he said:

“Verily Ali ibn abi Talib is the Imaam of my Ummah and my Khalifa (caliph) after me and from his descendants is Al-Qaim Al-Muntazar. Through him Allah will fill the Earth with justice & equity as it would be filled with oppression and tyranny.

By the one who has sent me with truth as the harbinger of good news and a warner that those who are firm in their word about his Imamat during his time of occultation are dearer to me than Kibreetil Ahmar (purest metal).[1]

[1] Holy Qur’aan and Imam Mehdi, Compiled by: Sayyid Farhat Hussain & al-Moosawi al-Hyderabadi. Published by: Imam Hussain (A.S) Association, Toronto, Canada. Page 63

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