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Lessons From The Life of The Holy Lady Fatima (pbuh)

As we commemorate Ayyame Fatimiyya, listed below are a few lessons that we learn from her life.


1. Be kind to your parents

Sayyada Fatima(a.s.) would speak with her mother Sayyada Khadija while she was in her womb to keep her company because the women of Makkah had boycotted her.

Sayyada Fatima(a.s.) would clean the Prophet’s wounds after the Makkans injured him with stones. Sayyada Fatema (a.s.) was a source of comfort to her father.


2. Trust Your Parents with important decisions of your life

Sayyada Fatima(a.s.) trusted her father when he left her in Makkah while he migrated to Madina.

Sayyada Fatima(a.s.) trusted her father with the decision of  choosing Imam Ali (a.s.) for her husband. Several men had proposed  to marry Sayyada Fatima(a.s.) but the Prophet only asked her about the proposal of Imam Ali(a.s.) and she agreed to marry him.


3. When choosing a life partner look for Piety not Money

Sayyada Fatima(a.s.) chose to marry Imam Ali(a.s.) based on his piety. She did not look at how rich he was.


4. Give in the way of Allah what you love most:

Sayyada Fatima(a.s.) gave away her wedding dress the day after she got married!


5. Always acquire knowledge:

Sayyada Fatima(a.s.) would ask her sons to tell her about the sermons of the Prophet Mohammed PBUH


6. Always share your knowledge:

Sayyada Fatima was always willing to answer questions of the women of Madina even if they were many, for example when an old lady sent her many questions about fiqh.


7. Raise your children in the way of Allah:

Sayyada Fatima(a.s.) raised Imam Hasan(a.s.), Iman Hussain (a.s.), Sayyada Zainab and Sayyada Umm Kulthum to be leaders of Islam.


8. Always Glorify Allah:

Sayyada Fatima(a.s.) would always glorify Allah by reciting the tasbih whenever she would perform the chores of the house.


9. Love your Children Equally:

Sayyada Fatima (a.s.) greeted both Imam Hassan(a.s.) and Imam Hussain(a.s. ) as “qurata aini wa thamarata fuadi”, “the light of my eyes and the delight of my heart” in the event of the Kisa.


10. Give in the way of Allah without expecting reward or thanks:

Sayyada Fatima(a.s.) and her family gave away their meals three days in a row to the poor without asking for any reward while they themselves remained hungry. This event led to the revelation of Sura Dahar in their praise.


11. Treat your servants well:

Sayyada Fatima(a.s.) always treated Sayyada Fizza well and took turns in performing household chores with her.


12. Observe Hijab properly:

Sayyada Fatima always observed Hijab even if the visitor to her house was a blind man.


13. Speak up when your rights are taken away:

Sayyada Fatima (a.s.) went to court and spoke up against her rights and inheritance being taken away.


14. Prepare for your death:

Sayyada Fatima(a.s.) was very concerned about her burial and wanted her hijab to be maintained after she died and had a casket designed that would cover her body.


15. Never trust the enemies of Islam:

Sayyada Fatima(a.s.) asked certain people not to be allowed tocome to her burial and her exact burial place has been kept a secret.


The Prophet (s) said, “Fatima is part of me and she is my heart and the soul which is between my two sides.”

The Prophet (s) said, “Fatima is the joy of my heart, and her sons are the fruit of my soul.”


She was indeed one of the greatest Islamic personalities that had ever existed on this earth.

It is said that Prayer is like a beautiful flower and the Tasbeeh of Sayeda Fatima(a.s.) gives this beautiful flower a beautiful fragrance.


Contributed By: Br. Hussein S Hussein

Zahra- A Poem On Bibi Fatema (as)

by Nouri Sardar

Zahra Zahra, no-one like her
Zahra Zahra, Heaven’s flower

* * *

The Lord created the foundations of Heaven
With it he gave a gift to all of creation
An angel wrapped in the scent of the Lord’s wisdom
This gift was called Fatima, leader of women

The world, the world owes all to her
The world, the world, reaches for her

* * *

She is a proof against oppressors and evil
Those who have her love are immune to the devil

The whole world knows her scent as the scent of angels
The unhidden secret, the true holy grail

Secrets, secrets.. Do not know her
Secrets, secrets.. Unless they’re hers

* * *

Everything that exists takes Zahra as a guide

We take from her like sand is taken by the tide

Her prayer and patience shows how devils are defied

Every single good deed by Fatima abides

Her prayer, her prayer.. It defines her

Her prayer, her prayer.. It yearns for her

* * *

To hearts of truth and wisdom she is a mother
Much like elegant birds, flock to her her lovers
Yearns for her the Earth, and with it the hereafter
When she prostrated, the Universe circled her

Circles, circles.. All around her
Circles, circles.. Like the ka’ba

A Lonely Grave- A Poem About Bibi Fatema and Jannatul Baqi

by Taher Adel

I glanced upon each forgotten grave
And pondered about the souls beneath the soil
One stood out, masked by scented silence
She was buried last night by a man
Who appeared to age throughout the burial
I watched on as I saw him stare into the wounds that clawed her soul away
Carefully giving back what seemed to be the most significant part of him
I watched how his mortal eyes stitched the painful images left by her demise
And witnessed how her memory, once a reality
Became a secret spinning across the quilted fabrics of time
What did he find when he pressed his fingers between her ribs?
What possessed this man to leave with her half his soul?
Tied between the soil and her lips?

Dawn slowly made an entrance accompanied by its brightness
But sunlight stopped at her grave
As if needing an invitation
Leaving it in darkness
It was a lonely grave and I couldn’t help but ask
Who she was and what was the broken secret inside
I spoke to her grave one night
Her grave spoke back to me
“Understand that radiant energy
Is found in us, everywhere around us
But it is not from us
Understand that she once crossed our orbit
And from her 12 sparks formed
Understand that she is an imitation of the Sun that bore her
A reflected bride to the moon
That she walked on the earth blinding the eyes of angels
Like her father at noon
Understand that she was raised in the arms of the Quran
While Mohammed was raised in hers
A mother to her father
And what was broken
Was her ribs and what was hidden was Ali’s crying heart
Who-else can bare his sadness but her?”

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