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As Holy Ramadhan ends…

Approaching near are the last blessed nights
Have I finished with my nafs fights?
Am I pure from violation of others’ rights?
Or am I still entangled in my woeful plights?

More than two third of the blessed month has slipped by
To reform myself in these days did I try?
Did I take advices or told friends upon me not to pry?
Did I perform all the recommended or was I too shy?

Why does my heart feel heavy with guilt and pain?
Have I wasted too much of my time in vain?
O Allah, then shower upon me the Mercy rain
Free me from all these wordly knots and chains

I got entangled in the worldly glamour
And got addicted to the colourful flavor
I forgot the goal in life, My Supreme Creator
And everything else other than Him began to matter

My Imam calls the world the sneezing of a goat
But in that filthy sea I love to sail my boat
O Lord, against myself I dug up a deep moat
Oh! There is an unswallowable lump in my throat
Allah, can I still turn back to you and say sorry?
Or will You say, every year it’s the same story?
Why don’t I repent in such a manner?
That I will never need repentance another?

O Allah, wrap me up in Your Mercy so Divine
But for that you have drawn a line so fine
I have to turn to friends & acquaintances of mine
And say sorry to them first to get Mercy of Thine

Dear friend, my hand to you do I sincerely extend
Forive me please, as the journey is without end
In wronging others, time I will not spend
Try my best, I will, to get away from that trend

Forgiveness to others is a Divine trait
In acquiring it let us not be late
Only pure souls shall enter the Holy domain
Others have wasted their lives in pure vain

As I click the mouse and send to you this mail
I seek your forgiveness without fail
Then only in the ocean of Allah’s love can I sail
With the Aarifeen who have left behind a trail

by anonymous

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