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Dua as Simaat

Shaykh Tusi, Sayyid Ibn Tawus and Kafami report that this dua’a, according to Muhammad ibn Uthman Umri, a reliable represetative of Imam Sahibuz Zaman, was taught by Imam Muhammad bin Ali Al Baqir and Imam Jafar bin Muhammad Al Sadiq.

Allama Majlisi says that all the pious religious scholars used to recite this dua’a.

Shaykh Kafami says that this dua’a contains ismi azam (the great name of Allah).

Imam Muhammad bin Ali Al Baqir advised the faithfuls to recite this dua’a as it brings the downfall of the enemies of Ahl ul Bayt.

Imam Jafar bin Muhammad Al Sadiq(as) said that Allah swt taught this dua’a to prophet Musa to overcome his enemies.

This dua’a is particularly recited in the closing hours before sunset on Friday .


Dua as Simaat:

Arabic with English Translation

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