Relationship Between Lady Fatemah (pbuh) and Surah al-Qadr

What a very close relationship there is between the existence of this exalted lady and the Laylatul Qadr.

Some of them are:

1) Qadr is the Divine decree. On the night of Laylatul Qadr we all strive to seek the Divine pleasure and safeguard from the Divine displeasure.

“Fatima is a part of me. Whosoever angers her has angered me. Whatever hurts her hurts me and whatever angers her has angered me.”

“Surely Allah is angered with Fatima’s anger and is pleased with her pleasure.” Holy prophet (saww)

2) Actual date of Laylatul Qadr is hidden. Ahlul Bayt have given clues such as it being in the last ten nights of Holy Ramadhan. Why?

The exact location of the grave of this exalted lady is unknown. The grave of the only daughter of holy prophet is unknown whereas the graves of other holy personalities, including the martyrs of the massacre at Karbala are known.

3) The night of Qadr is better than 1000 months which is equivalent to 80 years. The virtue of observing the rites of this night is greater than a long life span of 80 years.

The status and virtues of this lady is greater than thousands of virtuous persons as she has been Divinely chosen over the ladies of the worlds.

Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (as) mentions that angels came and addressed Bibi Fatima (sa), as they had addressed Maryam, saying : O Fatima! Indeed Allah has chosen you to be above all women of the world.

4) The holy Qur’an was descended upon the holy prophet on the night of Qadr.

Bibi Fatima Zahra, the daughter of the prophet, is the one from whom Eleven Qur’an Natiq (speaking Qur’an) descended. These are the 11 Imams after Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (a.s).

“And what will make you know what Laylatul Qadr is?” Suratul Qadr 97:3

Likewise the Muslim community is addressed “…..a person who has truly grasped a deep understanding of Fatima (and who she is) has actually witnessed and experienced Laylatul Qadr….” Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s).


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