A glimpse into the torn lands of Palestine…

In the midst of the World, towards the Middle East and into the Palestinian province, resides an 18 year old, hard working female by the name of Sumayyah Jaffari, a youth striving to keep her small family moving amid one of the World’s most dangerous towns.

With unexpected airstrikes and bomb blasts occurring on a daily basis, Sumayyah’s trails increases as her aching heart grows tired of the lives lost amid her social circle. She’s even lost her father recently; when a gunfire snatched his life away. Finding herself as the breadwinner of her family, she takes over her father’s business, a little ice cream parlor with only seasonal incomes and hence, the family’s forced to curb down on their expenses. Sumayyah withdraws her name from the Girls College and together, the family of 4 strives hard to move on with life.

Just 6 months after her father’s traumatizing death, Sumayyah one day, faces the most tragic incident of her young life. An incident so severe that it crushes her strength and the will to live, shattering her little world to pieces. Her hopes now pinned towards the inevitable arrival of the Mahdi, as she yearns for his reappearance, the only Savior who will ease her pain as she once again strives to pull herself together. She can still vividly recall the day when the shining star of the family was blackened off their lives; she can still feel the pain deep within her heart every time she remembers the ill fated day. This is her story…

‘’One peaceful afternoon, as I refill the fridges with fresh ice creams at the parlor, making a note of the stocks at the same time whilst humming to myself, I savor the calm atmosphere around me for such moments are rare within my country. I clean the counters re-arrange the few tables and place the plastic cups before a loud bang from above terrorizes me to the core.

I race out and lock the door with shaking hands as I watch people frantically running from all around. My eyes scan through the commotion as I see mothers shielding their infants from the chocking smoke, Men rushing home to evacuate their families, I hear little children crying, and begin to find my way through the dark smoke. Fear engulfs me as I realize the Enemy’s on the move, we are being attacked!

I tumble over dead bodies sprawled across the road, missing the pelting stones by a nanosecond, racing back home, my fingers tightly crossed under my jumper, making pleading prayers and promises to God as I dread the inevitable. I push myself through the crowd of people fleeing from the dark smoke rising into the sky resembling a huge monster. I rush back home, hoping I can evacuate my family on time. I glance at the neighborhood, slowly flipping into a stranger town, so unrecognized by the locals. I charge through the streets as rockets from the sky fall into homes, forming a blazing fire.

Fear waves through me as I spot my neighborhood almost ruined into pieces. I flee from the terrible sight and spot the little blue house a few meters away from our home. I run to examine it and notice the fresh cracked walls which mean that something has gone wrong. Goosebumps spread through my hands as I slowly walk towards our little three bedroom house, resembling Snowhite’s little hut, so cozy and beautiful on its own. The blue house just inches away, my heart plummets as I stop on my tracks and wonder for a moment if I took the wrong cut in frenzy, my home was nowhere to be seen!

‘No! It can’t be… Everything is okay; I may have hopped onto the other street hastily’ I assure myself as I glance back at the street I came from and recognize our area right across the cafeteria towards the end of the road. Sweat beads begin to erupt into my face and I begin shivering, my stomach forming summersaults, nausea and dizziness suddenly weakens me as I collapse onto the rocks, staring at the broken red bricks scattered all over, I Stare at the aqua blue flowery curtains beneath a pile of rocks which once shielded our home from the sunlight. Our pots, pans, crockery’s, books and my siblings’ toys are all blackened with the dust.

My body grows numb as I spot my little sister Lailah’s rag doll and a horrid image of my sister being crushed beneath the bricks and boulders freak me out. ‘NOO’! I scream aloud.


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