The rising of the sun every morning, gives way to yet another beautiful day & rays of hope. However, the sun that rose on 29.03.2013 brought an end to some beautiful lives and shattered hopes of a thousand others. The tragic incident that morning trapped the lives of hardworking fathers & mothers, innocent young children and most importantly humans.

The screams of young children, the fast running little feet, the dust filling the atmosphere & people falling along with the buildings stones, the dead being covered by sand before being lowered into the grave- is just a bit of what followed the collapse of the building. Most importantly, it’s the fall of this building that caused the ascend of great individuals who are labelled TRUE HEROES. It was this day, when those angels had to return back to where they belonged- Heaven.
On receiving the news of the tragic scene, my eyes could not hold back their tears, my heart feeling heavier than ever & my mind, just flashing pictures and scenarios. I was looking for people waiting patiently to receive their loved ones. I searched for strong hopes and dry eyes looking towards the rubble of stones & sand. I looked out for our community men and women working, with their immense pain being their ultimate strength to remove those little kids from underneath.

However, I didn’t see any of that. My mind had just fooled me & my heart took over. Now was when I saw impatient mothers waiting to see their children run into their arms once again. I saw families stand side by side holding each other real tight as they prayed & hoped. I saw a tearing and confused crowd that was still trying to figure out if all that was for real. Moreover, I was overwhelmed with pride as my eyes caught the attention of men & women of diverse religions and cultures spontaneously assembled to do whatever best they could. I saw strangers turn into friends & friends into family.

The day of Friday was long, heavy & not the good Friday they call it. mothers lost their aim in life, fathers no more the strong they were always known to be, Families were left incomplete and the mountains of hope were collapsing in synchrony with the setting of the sun. That long weekend everyone was looking forward to, was infinitely long for some but for the heroes, it ended before it even began.

I know words cant soothe the hearts of anyone who feels the gravity of this incident. In fact NO, this time we can’t let ourselves get over it. We cannot let it be a “once upon a time..” This incident had beneath its intensity an equally great message. It was our wakeup call from what I’d entitile our deep slumber. Neither tears, nor words, & not a lending shoulder will do justice to the sacrifice of these heroes. If there is one thing that shall match up to their pinnacle of ransom, it’s a CHANGE.

A change from our sinful, selfcentered & materialistic life to a revolutionary, spiritual & humanitarian one. Look back & note how the FIRST question we all asked on receiving the news was- if OUR family was okay? Recall those pictures that came to your mind of a falling building- How many of us saw contractors and other individuals apart from the innocent young boys? How many of us saw black skin along with the Asian tone? How many of us followed up on the status of revered bodies after the burial of the little 4? My question is- were we all worried & concerned because this involved innocent lives & our country people or was it just because the affected was OUR community?

There was no one to receive the bodies of the African construction workers, serving women or by passers whether Muslims or non. Even if they survived, there was no one waiting outside to hug them tight. & if they were dead, there was not anyone to acknowledge their sacrifice.

Let this, my brothers & sisters be a food for thought for us all. Let us not close our eyes already to what was supposed to be an eye opener. Let us not answer that we do not know how many people are trapped and thus are silent at the moment. The real question is not do you know, rather do you WANT to know? It’s time for a change, a change that we need & that we can make happen. Let’s unite in the name of humanity to change our lives for the better & give all these great heroes the status that they deserve, the status of martyrs.

Let us acknowledge the great sacrifice of the parents of the affected by changing our lives and focusing on the hereafter which is what’s best for us. We ought to do this now before the day our bodies are covered in sand, just so we can be received by these smiling great heroes at the gates of heaven. And remember, NOW’s the time- Because now may be late, but late is better than never..


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