It was on the 29th March 2013, an early morning,
Little did you know, your Creator is already calling.

Set for Fajr namaaz , you little angels hurried to pray,

After which, excitedly you gathered to play.
Knowing you are safe were the hearts of your Mummy and Papa content,
And this suddenly changed just after the 8:45am moment.

Shaken and scared were you little souls,
Help! Help! And Help! Were your painful calls.
The next thing is a mountain of stones on your delicate bodies and there you were trapped,
Its beyond my imagination how terribly with these rubbles were you wrapped.

Realizing that we are missing 4 children without a doubt,
And every single person counted upon each second to help get you out.
Coming to find out, more of our fellow workers and passerbys were part of this tragic death,
The search continued and prayers on the lips, for everyone held on to faith.
18 hours and more is when we hear that Brothers Salman, Zahid, Yusuf and Suhail are no more,
This heartbreaking news made our hearts so painful and sore.
An episode that has affected the lives of your parents,family and friends for sure,
The gap that you have left in their lives has no cure.
But there is this power i know Whose care and love will help us grow strong,
And when He said “From Me is where you all come from and unto Me is your final return”, he wasn’t wrong.
He lifted you from this world of sins, ignorance and hate,
To paradise, an infinity bliss amongst the infallibles and awaiting for your beloved parents at its gate.
It will never be easy for us down here when we pass by the mosque and recall this day,
“You will always remain our heroes” is all i can say.
For it took you 10 year olds to awaken our slumber,
In our thoughts and prayers you will remain, till then 29-3-13 we will always remember.

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