Someday in the near future an event will happen.
One of which whose like has been seen in the past, but only to a limited extent
The event will go down as “the greatest” in history
An event so profound that man’s direction shall change
Whose effects will determine ones destiny
An event that all prayed for

Lucky will be, the right-handed people
And damned will be the rest
For man shall understand himself, the consequences of his action
For the event that he asked for

However, being righty is an uphill struggle
For a cloud of confusion and deceit must be overcome
A world of struggle and sorrow must be succumb
For after darkness comes light, exactly what we asked for

Alternatively, opposites have inverse effects
A hasty hand may give a tasty end
But little gain only gets you to a dead end
An end it isn’t but only the beginning, indeed one that we asked for

Unfortunate it is, that humanity knowingly yearns for it
But doesn’t pay heed to the manifest signs
Or the clear warnings
Nor does humanity strive for it
But ignorantly they pray for their destruction
For light extinguishes the dark
A little thing we all hoped for

Consequently, many a great people shall fall back
Living only with regret
For visible was what they thought hidden
and hidden was not what they plotted and did
A great prayer that they once asked for

Fortunately, with an effect there has to be a cause
If salvation is its road, then its all what we want
Unless you leave, you shall not face its wrath
So struggle and strive and make your future alive

And be careful what you wish for


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