The Man…

He’s been gone for a while and he’s not coming back, why do you still remember him?
Listen to the story than you might understand, then you might believe..
There once stood a man who took a stand
He was so firm that no human power would divert him from his cause
He was one of those men that the earth did not want to let go off
The people tried to get rid of him but what if the universe had power, what would it do?
If the sand could it would wrap around him so that no one could see
If the wind could it would carry him like a gentle breeze into a far away land
If the sun could it would disappear in awe of the man
If the clouds could they would make a shade over him and rain around him so that gardens would blossom
If the waters could they would let him walk over it
If the mountains could they would move him to the peak
If the sky could it would let him float in the sky
If the fire could it would mould statues for eternity to witness his greatness
If the spirits could they would make him disappear into the world of the unknown
If the angels could they would let him ride to the heavens
Alas, this is the world we live in where men are given a chance that:
If they had the chance they would destroy anything in their path
They would choose obsceneness over righteousness
They would choose violence over peace
They would choose arrogance over humbleness
They would choose comfort over strive
And worst of all they would choose the world over their soul
His eyes had seen anything and everything, that could break any man
He had seen the lies in people’s eyes
He had seen people sell their souls to the devil
He had seen his family in peril
He had seen his friends, brothers, and sons return to their lord in front of his eyes
So you ask why go through all the hassle and just cave in?
The man was no ordinary man, he had a vision:
A vision where people would know what Islam truly is
A vision where people would know the difference between tyranny and harmony
A vision where people would understand each other and live in peace
A vision where righteousness would be valued over indecency
A vision where everyone was equal
A vision where one could stand up for their rights without being shot down
A vision where love expanded and evil diminished
The purity of his soul did not allow anything to stop him
He had clarity of vision and knew what his mission was
He moved towards his death, NO, he ran towards it
As he went he reminded the people of who he was
A man who lived a simple life
A man who worked to earn his living
A man with loyal companions
A man with pearls of wisdom
A man true to the word of the Almighty
A man who represented Islam in words and actions
It is easy to kill a man, but impossible to kill an idea
What the man left was a seed that grew from the blood of his people
The man’s ideas of equality, humbleness, respect, knowledge, flow in our veins
The man may be gone from this world
All it takes is to look inside and realize that the man exists in all of us
The man is there, somewhere, hidden, shackled by the chains of pleasure
The man is there, waiting for a chance to come out
The man is there, looking at you
The man is there, waiting for you
The man is there, asking you
Are you ready to fight with me?
      © Shadow

Comments on: "The Man…" (1)

  1. That was really inspiring mashallah
    thanks for sharing!

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