Are we ready?

Ruqaiyah, was the 4 year old daughter of Husain- The Grandson of The Holy Propher Mohammed.
She accompanied her father towards Kerbala, where he offered the ultimate sacrifice to save Humanity, and was martyred on the 10th of Muharam. That day, Sakina became an orphan.
She was then taken as a captive, imprisoned and harassed by the tyrants which led to her martyrdom in the prisons of Damascus, Syria.
In honor of this orphan, we have  partnered with Peak 4 Poverty, a registered non profit in the US, whose mission is to fight extreme poverty by empowering orphans with an education to launch this campaign to educate 100 orphans in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
The cost of educating an orphan for a full year is $100, however, you may contribute as much as you can; it could be a $, a pound, a shilling.
Every cent shall count to be very useful and shall be a source of education to an orphan.
Please donate generously, and help us to build a better world.
There is nothing comparable to the smile on the face of an orphan, and you could be the reason to their smile.

To Donate please visit the link below:

All donations from the US are tax deducatable.


Comments on: "Are we ready?" (4)

  1. Mashallah . May god reward u for this campaign . Jazakallah.

  2. Is your charity registered add a 501(c)3 in the U.S.?

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