The Cry Of An Orphan…

Goodness is innate in human nature. Even the word humanity has a positive connotation to it. To be human is to show care for your own specie – particularly the ones who need it the most.

Syeda Rukaiyah (also referred to as Sakina); daughter of Imam Hussayn (AS) represents one such group.

If Hussayn represented the fight against justice, Rukaiyah mirrored his battle. If Hussayn represented the struggle against oppression, Rukaiyah’s fate echoed his cause. The four year old daughter of Hussayn joined her father as he marched towards his certain death.

After the 10th of Muharram, the young Rukaiyah was orphaned.

Father, where are you? Father, father, speak to me father.

Like Hussayn’s call for help during his final moments, Rukaiya’s cry represents the cries of orphans today.

So, if humanity is being good to one’s people, if being human means to show compassion to those who deserve it, then who else deserves it more than the orphan? Who else yearns for love more than the parentless child? Who else requires a helping hand than those who’ve lost the most important people in their lives?

That is what the young Rukaiyah represents; the call for compassion and mercy towards orphans.

We hear of stories of people trying to achieve happiness through different avenues: money, success, education, fame, and so on. Until today, there is no sense of happiness that can be paralleled to the one obtained from helping others. Saying a kind word to an orphan, taking care of an orphan, educating an orphan – these are sure-shot channels to contentment.

The question is, are we willing to take the first step? Are we willing to reach out and help, instead of waiting to be approached? Are we generous enough to part with what we love in order to benefit others? Are we kind enough to show compassion to someone who needs it dearly? Are we?


What do you think?

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