The University Of Life…

Welcome to the University of Life

I sat down on the floor this time,
trying to get into a comfortable position to listen to something unique.

As I looked around, I saw familiar faces and some not so familiar – probably from a distant place.
There were people of different ages, from old men who could barely stand to young children who couldn’t sit still.
There were people from different backgrounds; from the white collar job workers to men who had titles before their name that it seemed they had two first names.
I thought to myself – it’s amazing how people from different walks of life are coming together to learn something.
We all sat, motionless and in silence. There was an aura which enveloped the place, it seemed like something ground breaking was about to happen.

After a brief introduction, the speaker spoke with an eloquence that matched the talks of king and Gandhi. It seemed as though we were supposed to be on a mission, but how could that be – we were sitting in a university listening to a lecturer.
Then again, this is the University of Life.

The lecturer’s topic was a reminder about who we are? What we do? Why we do what we do?
And most importantly why are we here?
I have never set in a lecture with a lot of people, with a very complex set of questions, but it felt like one. This is the beauty of the University of Life

The University of Life reminds us that we are mere mortals in a world filled with good and bad, and that our decisions impact the way we live our lives.
The University of Life tells us to live by a code so that we don’t get lost in all the glitters that life has to offer.
The university of life teaches us nobility in character, standing for righteousness and honor, being charitable, kindness to one another, perseverance, patience, friendship, brotherhood, belief and love.
You could be 8 or 78 and these things would be relevant to you even though you’re looking through different lenses, this is the beauty of the University of Life.

Somebody asked for a manual, the University of Life gives examples to emulate because manuals can be followed but it is very difficult to live the life of someone else.
The example shows a complete embodiment of the University of Life – it is the story of Husain and his companions.

Read the story, and at the end of every sentence you will see life lessons – that is why I come every year, sit on the floor humbled by his presence, waiting and yearning to see the truth reflected in my being.

I’m proud to be a member of the University of Life, you should join too, you might learn a thing or two…


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