Muharram!! A month of mourning, sadness and grief! Why??
The greatest sacrifice in humanity that has made every soul cry.
Its the personality of Hussein, the grandson of the holy Prophet Mohammed, that shook mankind,
Kerbala, the land where Islams message was read.
Its not all about the bloodshed that the tragedy took place,
Its the words of ” I will not give my hand to a man like you” on the tyranny (Yazid’s) face.
72 companions & Hussein fought and gave up all they had,
But the attrocities they were made togo through were heartbreaking and sad.
Their heads were cut,children slapped and women removed off their coverings,
But still the family of the Holy Prophet stood firm through all the happenings.
Be it an elderly like Hussein,a youngster like Ali Akber or a 6 month old baby Ali asghee, they were ready to stand up for the truth,
Anything to stand against the man who was a liar, womanizer & most of all a disgrace to the religion of Islam.
On the 10th of Muharram, the day of Ashura, Hussein and his companions gave away their lives,
The time it was proven that a precious life is worth giving in the name of truth and religion.
Its the bravery of these martyrs that Islam has reached our ears,
That today the word ” Ya Hussein” is what everyone hears.
Zainab, the sister of I. Hussein who took care of the ladies after his death,
Dragged from Kerbala to kufa and shaam but gave an excellent speech in the palace of Yazid just showed her level of faith.
Kerbala is not a commemoration of Muharram but a mission for Islam to carry,
The direct link that can lead to the appeaeance of the son of Hussein “Al-Mahdi” to hurry.
Let us try & follow the actions of these amazing personalities & fear none but the Almighty,
And to HIM we pray for a chance to visit the holy land of Kerbala, Labbaik Ya Hussein!!

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