In every nation it is the thoughts of their learned men and the way of life of their leaders which shape the convictions of the public and

the thinking of the individual by direct influence. “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Corruptio optimi pessima.” If the ruling class who are trustees and guides of society promulgate filth, what can be expected of the lower orders? If the salt has lost its savor, what will salt the mass?
Lustful desires are natural in man. The example set by the leaders who give such desires free rein overrides all moral precepts. A person raised in the school of unbridled self-indulgence conceives of total personal freedom as unrestrained permissiveness. In this the ideas of chastity and purity have no place; only the impulses of the feeling of any moment decide action.

Those who throw moral standards overboard raise a hedonist insurrectionary posterity helpless and hopeless in the face of elemental carnal urges, turning a deaf ear to the calls of duty sounded by reason and conscience.

Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of the Mahatma, declared in 1962 in the U.S.A.: “A painful future awaits America, since youth there is sunk in sensuality, unwilling to perform their duties. Of seven young men called up for the draft, six fail their medical because of capacity deficiencies and weakened spirit caused by dissipation.”

Khrushchev likewise in 1962 forecast: “The U.S.S.R. faces dangers ahead because of the grip that sexual passions have fastened on our youth.”

Strange that this age of scientific and industrial progress is being driven to its knees by youth’s preoccupation with the sexual problem, at the core of a technological society depersonalized by the heartless monotony of a machine-made environment.

The Beatles are one phenomenon the age has thrown up undisciplined, inelegant, imbecile, they draw youth in crowds. Next the hippies like tares in a cornfield of culture, revolt against the dry materialism of the established environment. Rejecting ethical values and spiritual sanctities as ungrounded superstition, they deride rational living, drop out of society, and run riot; until, when they need a moral standard and spiritual refuge, they find themselves destitute and forlorn.

Such social phenomena, results of youth’s emotional derailment, reflected in pollution and corruption, show that modern civilization, which treats people as cogs in a machine, can never satisfy the innate longings of human hearts, with their spiritual sensitivity and humane sentiments. The rise in the suicide rate is further evidence that material comfort and ease do not suffice.

Germany’s annual “Police Report” (p.1974), lists 10,000 suicides in West Germany while over 6,000 men and 7,000 women made unsuccessful suicide attempts.

In France, prime home of intellect, 35,000 suicide attempts are recorded annually.

The consumption of hard drugs amongst American youth is so terrifyingly high that recently New York police found the corpses of 38 youths, aged from 16-35, dead through drug-taking. Some of the victims were drive to such desperation by inability to get drugs that they slashed their wrists. Heroin addicts are the most numerous- 100′, 000 in New York alone one addict in every 70 inhabitants!

Among the rich of the U.S.A., addicts rank high. A New York doctor said that one of America’s most famous actors injects himself with ten doses per 24 hours at $60 the dose! “Many deaths of high-ranking personalities, officially attributed to heart failure,” he adds, “are, in fact, fatalities due to drug addiction.” (Ettela’at No. 13015.)

“The Spirit of Man” (p.32), says: “In the U.S.A. a major crime is committed every 25 minutes; and every 24 hours 3 murders, 5 indecent assaults, 30 major thefts and 3,000 petty larcenies. Four billion dollars is spent on combating crime and upholding law, and of this $100,000,000 is disbursed in New York alone.”

Such is the life-style, self-emasculated, yet boasting its brains and culture and elevation, which people seek to emulate, and choose as their life-model!


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