When Hadhrat Hur was assigned the task of denying entry to Imam Husayn and his companions to Kufa, he took it up hoping that it would not lead to bloodshed. He is said to have taken up the job of commander in Yazid’s army out of necessity and not approval of Yazid’s policies. He had never thought that being an employee of the government would mean collaborating in Yazid’s criminal acts.

On the night of Ashura, Hur realized that Imam and his family were in this position partly due to him. He went to Ibn Sa’ad, who was the commander-in-chief in Karbala and asked him to prevent war. Ibn Sa’ad himself was initially reluctant to accept the position but only did so after Yazid promised him governance of Ray. However, Hur failed to convince Ibn Sa’ad to call of the attack the next morning, and returned to his tent.

During the night, Hur contemplated and decided that he would switch sides. With his son and slave, he mounted a horse and moved towards the camp of Imam under the cover of the darkness. As he neared the tents, he asked to be blindfolded and moved towards the camp on his knees. Close to the camp he encountered Hadhrat Ali Akbar and Hadhrat Abbas who had come to confront the group, not knowing that they had come to surrender.

Hur asked to meet Imam, and when Husayn found out he moved quickly towards him. He asked for Hur’s blindfold to be removed and hugged Hur and said, “I congratulate you on your journey from hell to heaven.”

When he heard this, Hur asked, “is there repentance for me?”

Imam replied, “Surely there is repentance for those who help the son of Fatima.”


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