The  Minefield


I  am told I must tread,

Across this minefield,

Oh, how very challenging,

Let’s see what I yield.

Imperative to go,

Danger mines scattered around,

Wrong step will blow my fate,

And troubles shall abound.

Must reach to the end,

With my bag of good deeds,

An overwhelming task,

Most difficult indeed!

Careful steps I begin,

Protecting what is mine,

Don’t want to blow apart,

Lose all to this mine.

Closely, if I see,

The mines here are,

Small slips of tongue,

But Gigantic, the errors.

The comment I didn’t mean,

The hot exchange of words,

Are all explosive mines,

Turning gardens to deserts.

The wrong forbidden gaze,

May seem innocent fun,

But will trigger the mine,

Leaving apart none.

The sin thought so tiny,

Looked harmless to me,

But over here it’s a mine,

Threatening to destroy me.

For an Earthquake’s crack,

Will shake a skyscraper,

Built over many years,

Seconds will see it taper.

Halfway through this field,

When I look behind and see,

Realize ‘tis not so hard,

To achieve victory.

Keep your focus on the goal,

That is Allah’s pleasure,

Then mines you can avoid,

Your good deeds you treasure.

(The greatest sin is the one whose doer perceives it to be minor- Hadees )


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