Away from the dwelling of men 
Under a festival of stars where the light of night hovers
But darkness still eats away to the sigh of the wind
In a location known only to my mind 
He found me asleep against my own ignorance
Coiled in loose folds of shame
An orphan in a world that had abandoned me
Where worldly hope burnt men 
Until they were lost in the white heat waves
Shadeless and helpless 
Amongst the carcasses of broken and abandoned souls
Alone in the dying breast of the world
Just like the distant stars, this heart maybe beating
But it has been long dead
And its next beats would take it into dusk
With time gnawing against the walls
Unzipping it from a soul so eager
So eager to separate, hopeless
But he found me as if he knew
He knew I would be waiting at the guillotine of time
Like a mortal Jonah
Waiting to see the timeless patience in his eyes
And chase hope that has declared him a master
With a hand reaching back to me
He showed me how his scent made a garden out of God’s desert
An oasis out of the emptiness
Breathing life into my worldly death like Jesus
In a desert void of hope 
His presence was Noah’s ark
Turning sand into a rippling current of sea 
The sea of me
Splitting me from my past, Moses
Building me like the walls of worship
Until I was strong enough to walk
And follow the crunching sound of his feet
Into the mystified distance
Until the horizon was one with his light
Too bright
My fevered eyes locked on his shadow
Chasing him through clouds that rise and disappear
Running down the passage of time
Seeing nothing but him carrying me
Beyond contradiction
Like the holy book of Mohammed(saw)
Finally arriving where my ego can sink into the shore
Sinking into worship despite knowing my strength knows no bound
Finally lifting my head from this dream
Looking up to see him fade into the distance 
just as wind fades, Mahdi

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