Edoardo Agnelli: 

Edoardo on the right with his father Giovanni

– Born in 1954,Son of Italian Billionaire,Giovani Agnelli
-Giovani Agnelli is the owner of FIAT motors and Juventus Footbal Club
-Was born a Christian
-Mother is from Edoardo- Jewish
-Edoardo left all the riches and embraced Islam and the teachings of the Ahlul-Bayt (as)
– Edoardo Agnelli was killed on the 15th of November,2000 in Turin,Italy by the enemies of Islam.
-they falsely claim that Edoardo Agnelli committed suicide, by dumping his body close to a bridge renouned as a place people commit suicide


Edoardo Agnelli was the son of Giovani Agnello, an Italian Billionaire who owns various companies in Italy. The Agnelli family were considered a very noble in Italy due to their riches. The family own the FIAT, which also owns the Alfa RomeoAbarthLanciaMaserati, and Ferrari brands, Chrysler, which also owns the JeepDodgeRam and Mopar brands  several industrial concerns, various designer companies and own the Juventus Football Club. The estimated wealth of the Agnelli family is said to be around US$60 billion.

. After studying at Atlantic College, he read modern literature and oriental philosophy at Princeton University,[1] where he was given the nickname Crazy Eddie for his wild behaviour.[2]

After leaving Princeton he travelled in India, pursuing his interest in oriental religion and mysticism. One day as he walked along the Library he noticed the Quran on the shelf and decided to read it. He was impressed by it and decided to borrow it so he can read it for longer periods. He used to read it during the night under the candlelight.

It is from there on that he developed an interest in Islam and started studying and researching about it as he did for other religions. At the age of 20, Edoardo converted to Shia Islam and named himself Hashem.

In his visit to Iran, April 1981, he met Fakhredin Hejazi and was taken to meet Imam Khomeini. Hashmi Rafsanjani wrote in his book “Crossing the crisis” about Edoardo’s visit and states that Imam Khomeini kissed Edoardo on the forehead. During the meeting, Imam Khomeini and Edoardo discussed various issues, challenges and needs of Islamic students studying abroad.”

Due to his family’s high status, Edoardo had come across various politicians and high profile individuals in his life, however it is said that he was very much touched with the simplicity yet glorious spiritual lifestyle of Imam Khomeini.

Edoardo’s conversion to Islam wasn’t greeted well by his family and he was subjected to various abuse and trouble by the family. He was isolated from the FIAT company.  In October 1990, false allegations were made against him and he was arrested for smuggling 300g of heroin to Malindi, Kenya (A conspiracy that was plotted against him.) Soon the Kenyan High Court and the police realised their mistake and released him stating that all allegations made against him were purely false.

From then on Edoardo was subjected to various abuse and was eventually killed in the year 2000 by his enemies and the enemies of Islam. They claimed that he committed suicide and various courts disagreed to the evidences presented by the police. Hence, Edoardo’s death is just another plot of the enemies to hide the truth.

The video below is a 1 hour documentary of his life, from birth to death and how the real cause of his death has been hidden for years!

May his soul rest in peace.!



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