As we look around today,
There is no peace and tranquility sadly to say.
Be it palestine, iraq or any neighbouring state,
Bloodshed,devastation and war has become their fate.
The situation of these poor nations has resulted to being helpless in their own soil,
For the powerful authorities, is this justice or its all about the oil?
9/11 was a big turnover for the world as many lives were lost and till date remembered,
What about the millions that lose their lives everyday and yet not heard?!
A bombing in an upper state gives rise to “terrorism”
Whilst an attack on these innocent lives means”fight against terrorism”
And who today stands up for these tortured souls when we are so busy living our best,
We are so involved in ourselves that it doesnt matter what happens to the rest
Is this the attitude we will stand with when “the saviour of mankind” rises?
Let us raise our hands and pray that justice prevails and ends these deadly crises.


What do you think?

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