O you who believe! be patient and help each other in patience and remain lined up; and fear (the wrath of) Allah, that you may be successful.” Surah Ale-Imran, ayah 200

Imam ‘Ali (a) said: “The one who practices sabr (patience) will never be without success, even though it may take a long time.”

The clause, ‘‘be patient’’, covers every type of patience:

  1. Patience in hardships
  2. Patience in the obedience of Allah (s.w.t)
  3. Patience against the disobedience of Allah (s.w.t).

‘al-Musabarah’’ translated here as helping each other in patience, literally means vying with one another in being patient. It implies collective patience when individuals bear a common hardship together and each one’s patience is augmented by others’ steadfastness.

“al-Murabatah’’ implies people’s linking up with one another in their powers, faculties, and activities in all affairs of their religious life in time of ease as well as in difficulties.

To persevere (have endurance in suffering) and excel in perseverance, be ever ready to defend, and safeguard oneself with full awareness of Allah’s laws, are the ruling principles for the human soul to journey through this world to salvation and eternal bliss.

This world is a believer’s prison. Gather all the power at your command and be patient and forbearing throughout its problems. Be content and don’t complain in front of others about His tests.

In times of hardship, turn your heart’s attention to Him and you will attain closeness to Him.

Imam al-Sadiq (a) said: “The believer that bears patiently a difficulty that befalls him, has the reward of a thousand martyrs.”


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