Observations by anonymous

Recently, a family I know moved into a new place, so I went over to see how their move was coming along. I had seen the place before, and it was decent, but they seemed to have some inspirational ideas with the decor and color which made the house seem totally different.

Each room had a specific hand-picked shade applied to the walls, making it bright and beautiful. The furniture matched the drapes, the TV was at a perfect angle for viewers. All the wiring was redone to make sure electrical connections had no issues

It was the perfect house.

All of this suddenly made me think.

A life of 70 or 80 odd years, and man goes through so much trouble perfecting the look of his house? Everything has to be kept in the perfect place, has to have the perfect curtains and wall-color. It has to be relaxing and comfortable.

What about a house that I want to live in forever?

I spend so much time on my worldly house, oblivious that I’m turning a complete blind eye to my eternal one.

– Is my “wiring” with my Lord good enough?

– Do my thoughts and actions have a Godly “color”?

– Am I “comfortable” when I am giving charity and other acts of kindness?

– As a Muslim, is my clothing covering enough, just as my “curtains” protect me from prying eyes?

I clearly need to be worrying about my eternal residence more about my current one.

The late scholar, Marhum Ayatollah Bahjat said once: “A person who prays his Salah on time, can reach the highest heights that he wishes..”

Maybe that’s where I should start. With the wiring. I need to connect properly to the Lord, at the appropriate times, without distractions, and He will guide me to the perfect house, in the perfect location, Heaven.


What do you think?

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