Written By: Sadia Batool Zaidi


All had gathered,
To sight the new crescent,
Of the month of Shaaban,
When special mercy descends.

They said it was too hazy,
To see the new moon,
Surprising! As to me,
Seemed it was in full bloom.

The moon swelled with joy,
As it marked the new month,
Its glow was empowering,
Even the mighty sun!

“You see this is Shaaban,
A special time,” said the moon.
“Shabaan has five letters,
Sheen, Ain, Ba, Alif, Noon.”

Sheen is for the Shabaab,
That rejoice in Jannah,
For arrival of their Master,
Of Sayyadush Shuhada.

Ain is for the Ibaadat,
Whose life was revived,
Worth of Allah’s servantry,
Zainul Abideen defined.

Ba is Babul Hawaaij,
You will smile to discover,
His birthday’s after Hussain,
Can Ghulam surpass his master?

Alif for Imame Zamana,
His noor grants the basis,
The sun, moon, the world,
In which all seek existence.

Noon is Naai’batuz Zahra,
Zahra’s representative,
The special, special lady,
Whose Status is distinctive.

So Shaabaan is made up of,
Five Noors, five letters,
No other month can boast,
Of a ranking that is better.

As Anwaar ush Shaabaan,
Give Shaabaan the radiance,
Of Delight, Mercy, Desire,
Of Unmatched Eminence.

                                          ———- Sadia Batool Zaidi

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