Questions to a renowned physician:

Supplied by Mujtaba Somji

A reknowned physician who was doing reading for the ruler Al Mansur Dawanaqi was imposing himself over the 6th Imam as an expert.

Imam Jaffer al Sadiq set forth questions which were precise and related to the human body. The Physician was unable to answer any of them.

Selected questions posed to the Physician and response by Imam:

· Why is forehead hairless? It provides light to the eyes

· Why does it have linings? To keep sweat which is coming from the head towards the eyes to the extent that human require…

· Why is the nose situated in the middle between the eyes? To divide the light equally to each eye…

· Why is the hole of the nose in the bottom? To allow the exit of elements coming from the brain and to have the smell waft up…

· Why do palms lack hair? Touching is done through palms. If there were hairs on the palm there would not be ability to sense what is touched…

· Why is the bending of knees specified in the back direction? Human being is walking forward and this way his movement is balanced. Otherwise he would fall down doing his walk…

· Why is there a curvature in the soles of feet? …if walking is done entirely on the ground without it, the weight would be similar to a heavy stone…

The Physician was astonished with this information that he did not know before and inquired where did you get this science from?

Imam replied: I took it from the Prophet, and he took it from Jibrail who took it from the Lord of the Universe who created bodies and souls…

The Physician responded by bearing witness that there is no Lord but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah and that you (6th Imam) are the most knowledgeable in the era….


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