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Mother’s Day Quiz Competition Entry- Sahar Husain

Name: Sahar Husain

Oh Fatima! (sa)

My love to you I extend,
Oh lady of Paradise.
At your doorsteps
I have occupied a seat,
for the sake of your Hassan, for your darling Husain
do not reject not send me off your door

I am a servant
who wishes to be chosen by you.
though my worth, is known to me
I stand far from becomming your “Kaniz”
but your mercy is more promising, more welcoming
& there perhaps lies a chance
for my fate to soar and shine.

Oh Fatimah! You are the gentle breeze of dawn,
& I, a lone cloud in the sky,
waiting to be touched by you.

Oh Siddiqah! You are the beginning,
to the generation of the righteous Imams
& I, an admirer, a muhib- of your father, your husband & sons.

Oh Radhiya! It is from your lap,
that twelve moons shall rise to brighten the worlds
& I, wish to be one of those stars that circles around them.

Oh Reyhana! From your beauty,
the sun is humbled. With your radiance, the moon is lit
& I, have promised to connect to your light,
through your precious sayings and duas, all night.

Oh Batool! The messengers of Allah,
seek entry to your home. Your door & my beloved Prophet’s kiss
& I, wish to paint its vision through my poetry, a bliss.

Oh Mardhiya! The corners of your house
are the place of gather for angels. To your name is blessed the tasbih,
& I, read it after every prayer, in your love it be.

Oh Zahra! You are Khadijah’s reflection,
a heavenly bouquet of light. You are what perfects her world,
& the world of every practicing muslimah.

Oh Tahirah! Kawthar (spring) holds your name,
and Prophet’s love you bear. It is through your name
that Ahlal Bait are defined in Ziyarat-e Kissa
& I, have my tears to connect to your name.

Oh Zakiyah! You are for Muhammad
An answer to his forenoon prayers,
You are a reply to Surah Al-Dhuha
& the tafseer of Surah Kawthar you became.

May I be your ransom Oh my Mistress!
Grace me with a glance
from the highest peak of Paradise
Have one look at my chest,
which bears your most beautiful title as I write,
amidst tears,…
Oh Fatimah. Oh Fatima. Oh Fatima.


Mother’s Day Quiz Entry- Sakina S Vakil

Name: Sakina Sajjad Vakil

From: UAE 


Lady Zahra (as):
A lonely princess A distressed heart
A broken star A darkened sun
This is what, to Lady Zahra
The Prophet’s Ummat… had done

The one who from within her Mom
Used to elegantly speak
The one for whom her father
Used to stand and give up his seat

The one for whom a star
Descended to choose her suitor
The one who was for her sons
The most ever learned tutor

The one who supported her husband
Through times both thick and thin
The one who was the centre of recognition
For her entire kin

The one who was Umm al Aimmah
A mother to eleven of the Imams
Not only that as Umm e Abeeha also mothered
The last Prophet in her arms

A pillar for her husband
A relaxing shade for her dad
A role model for her Ma’asoom children
She was a women who’s every move made Allah really glad

An Aabida so eagerly devoted
To serve her Beloved Master
That feeling pity on her swollen legs
The Almighty would make nights pass faster

The one who’s husband was so sakhi
That he once gave zakat even while in ruku
The one who on her wedding night gave her new dress away
Proving totally that she and Ali were kufu

The one for whom Hijab was so important
That she asked to be buried in the dead of the night
But for the Imam she ignored her feelings
And in the darbaar spoke for his right

Her life may have been really short
And filled with a lot of pain
But for us it’s filled with inspirations
And in every incident is a lesson to gain

And though we, her Shias, love her
It’s sad and a real shame
That her people never understood her greatness
And quickly put out her life’s flame

A lonely princess A distressed heart
A broken star A darkened sun
This is what, to Lady Zahra
The Prophet’s Ummat… had done

Mother’s Day Quiz Entry- Mrs. Amal Mohamad Rizk



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Sayyeda Fatima

Mother’s Day Quiz Entry- Mahdi Nasser

Name: Mahdi Nasser

From: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Age: 1 year

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Mother’s Day Quiz Entry- Malika Manji

Name: Malika Manji

From: Mwanza, Tanzania

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bibi fatemah

Mother’s Day Quiz Entry- Sadia Batool Zaidi

Name:  Sadia Batool Zaidi, Sharjah

From: Sharjah, UAE

The Lady of Light has arrived!

Avenging the enmity,

How the females rejoiced,

Having abandoned Khadeeja,

Little did they realize?

The anguish of seclusion,

The darkness of loneliness,

They had hoped would linger on,

Would give way to radiance.

As hoories and angels,

Escort Hawa, Maryam and Asiya,

The heavenly guests,

Pay tributes to Khadija.

The world had brightened,

And gloom subsided,

Behold, Behold,

The Lady of Light has arrived!


The murmurs and Whisperings,

That ascend to the skies,

Of the worshippers on earth,

Shall not meet with Surprise,

Of the angels, but not,

When the heavens enlighten,

In wonder and amazement,

And angels then question,

What from this luminosity,

We never encountered,

That outshines the glow,

Of heavens that prospered?

A voice will say look,

Down upon the prayer mat,

Behold, Behold,

The Lady of Light has arrived!

The Divine personality,

Our Holy Prophet (s.a.w) is,

Under the cloak of Kisa,

To cure body illness.

The cloak is of Zahra’s,

Hasnayn(a.s) too enter,

Followed by Ali(a.s),

As desired by Creator.

Historic Magnificence seen,

Chosen ones come together,

Tahaarah is defined,

Heavens fill with pleasure

Brilliant glow surged,

When Zahra( A.s) entered,

Behold, Behold,

The lady of Light has arrived!


Confined to Darkness,

I was left here to doom,

In my grave to suffer,

In never ending gloom.

Surrounded by clay,

Enshrouded in white,

My only companions

Were terror and fright!

Anticipation was dim,

Eyes searched here and there,

Frantically, for hope,

The Awaited Savior.

Then I witnessed her entry,

Her Holy Majesty,

 Behold, Behold,

 The lady of Light has arrived!


The day of Qayamah,

Of horror and murkiness,

Aspirations shall halt,

In the face of Darkness.

Despair will prevail,

With no flicker of desire,

Beloveds will desert,

The dear ones to fire!

Suddenly it will brighten,

And all eyes will surrender,

To greatness of the moment,

In homage and honour.

Khatoonal Qiyamah,

Shall grace the occasion,

Behold, Behold,

The  Lady of Light has arrived!            

Mother’s Day Quiz Entry- Mehdi Karim

Name: Mehdi Karim

From: Mwanza, Tanzania

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Poem about Bibi Fatema (a.s)

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Ziyarat Bibi Fatimah (as)

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