Name: Sahar Husain

Oh Fatima! (sa)

My love to you I extend,
Oh lady of Paradise.
At your doorsteps
I have occupied a seat,
for the sake of your Hassan, for your darling Husain
do not reject not send me off your door

I am a servant
who wishes to be chosen by you.
though my worth, is known to me
I stand far from becomming your “Kaniz”
but your mercy is more promising, more welcoming
& there perhaps lies a chance
for my fate to soar and shine.

Oh Fatimah! You are the gentle breeze of dawn,
& I, a lone cloud in the sky,
waiting to be touched by you.

Oh Siddiqah! You are the beginning,
to the generation of the righteous Imams
& I, an admirer, a muhib- of your father, your husband & sons.

Oh Radhiya! It is from your lap,
that twelve moons shall rise to brighten the worlds
& I, wish to be one of those stars that circles around them.

Oh Reyhana! From your beauty,
the sun is humbled. With your radiance, the moon is lit
& I, have promised to connect to your light,
through your precious sayings and duas, all night.

Oh Batool! The messengers of Allah,
seek entry to your home. Your door & my beloved Prophet’s kiss
& I, wish to paint its vision through my poetry, a bliss.

Oh Mardhiya! The corners of your house
are the place of gather for angels. To your name is blessed the tasbih,
& I, read it after every prayer, in your love it be.

Oh Zahra! You are Khadijah’s reflection,
a heavenly bouquet of light. You are what perfects her world,
& the world of every practicing muslimah.

Oh Tahirah! Kawthar (spring) holds your name,
and Prophet’s love you bear. It is through your name
that Ahlal Bait are defined in Ziyarat-e Kissa
& I, have my tears to connect to your name.

Oh Zakiyah! You are for Muhammad
An answer to his forenoon prayers,
You are a reply to Surah Al-Dhuha
& the tafseer of Surah Kawthar you became.

May I be your ransom Oh my Mistress!
Grace me with a glance
from the highest peak of Paradise
Have one look at my chest,
which bears your most beautiful title as I write,
amidst tears,…
Oh Fatimah. Oh Fatima. Oh Fatima.

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