By: Taher Adel

A lively son
Full of life 
As his mother awaits him
I find him asleep on shards of suspended glass
I lift him from under the freezing night
And fly him back on the wings of the wind
Carrying his light soul back to the woman who bore him
Leaving his soul on the sill 
She stares upon the window glass wishing his shadow would reappear
Silent rain taps upon the window
As her heart breaks with the chirps of birds
Her world has slipped while the sun has risen
But there is no rainbow to pave the way

Onto the next soul 
An aging woman
With injections numbing the pain 
Just like the needles she once used with thread
When she sewed so tenderly
With the love she carried
In her hands, worn and weathered
Into colourful sheets and priceless garments 
Knitting for new-borns as they grew into her smile
Now looking down 
Into an empty room 
With the only guest being myself as I take away what she hoped 
Others would treasure

A beautiful young woman 
Wishing to be forever young and boisterous
Dressed up for one last twirl
With pretty pearls around her neck
Just below where her killers hands 
Locked away her last breaths
Her eyes were wide and full
When I detached her soul with a
Kiss, gentler
Than life could ever
A woman of this world no more
As they laid her down
In silent contemplation
Death to beauty
But not a beautiful death 
Enclosed in wood like an artefact 
Not to be touched nor seen again

I know no name
Nor age
But they sleep, as they all do, in my arms 
With a dream just beginning

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  1. Magnificent

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