Jesus (pbuh) said, “Whoever is content with the destiny of Allah, it is as if his works are in accord with the gospel.”

(Jàmi‘ al-Akhbàr, 180)


Jesus (pbuh) said, “Sleeping on a mat and eating barely bread for seeking paradise is expeditious.”

(Majmu‘a Warràm, 2, 230)


The Prophet said, “Jesus (pbuh) said, ‘We bring what is revealed for you, but as for the interpretation, it will be brought by the Paraclete (fàrqilíT) at the end of time.’”

(‘Awàlí al-La’àlí, 4, 124)


Ja‘far ibn Muhammad narrated from his fathers, in order, that ‘Alí the son of Abu Tàlib (pbuh) said, “One day, the Apostle of Allah was among us on the mountain of Tahàma, and Muslims were around him. Then an old man with a staff in his hand came. The Apostle of Allah looked at him and said, ‘One with the walk, voice and pride of a jinn has come.’ He greeted him and the Apostle of Allah returned the greeting and said, ‘Who are you?’ He said, ‘I am Hàma the son of al-Hím the son of Làqís the son of Iblís.’ The Apostle of Allah said, ‘Glory be to Allah, glory be to Allah, there is no one between you and Iblis unless two fathers!’ He said, ‘… And I met Moses the son of ‘Imràn. He said to me, ‘When you meet Jesus the son of Mary, greet him.’ I met Jesus the son of Mary and greeted him. He said to me, ‘When you meet Muhammad, greet him.’ So I greet you O the Apostle of Allah from Jesus the son of Mary.’ The Apostle of Allah said, ‘Glory be to Allah. May Allah bless Jesus as long as the world remains.’”

(Ja‘faryyàt, 176)


Imam Aliu said, “Jesus the son of Mary (pbuh) said, ‘Verily the evil doer is infectious, and the associate of the wicked is brought down. So beware of those with whom you associate.’”

(Kàfí, 2, 640, 4)


I heard Imam Ridà (pbuh) say, “Jesus the son of Mary, may Allah bless him, said to the apostles, ‘O Children of Israel! Do not grieve over what you lose of this world, just as the people of this world do not grieve over what they lose of their religion, when they gain this worldof theirs.’”

(Kàfí, 2, 137, 25)


Imam Sàdiq (pbuh) said, “Jesus the son of Mary, peace be with our Prophet and his progeny and with him, said, ‘Woe unto the evil scholars! How the fire inflames them!’”

(Kàfí, 1, 47, 2)


And he (Jesus (pbuh) said, “How long will you be advised without taking any advice? Certainly you have become a burden to the advisors.”

(Àdàb al-Nafs, 1, 175)


It is reported from Imam Sàdiq (pbuh) from his father that he said, “Jesus (pbuh) used to say, ‘Regarding the fright which you do not know when you will encounter [i.e. death], what prevents you from preparing for it before it comes upon you suddenly?’”

(Bihàr, 14, 336, 67)


Imam Ja`far (pbuh) said, “Jesus the son of Mary (pbuh) said, ‘He who lies much looses his worth.’”

(Kàfí, 2, 341, 13)


It is reported that Abu ‘Abdullah, [Imam Sàdiq (pbuh)] said, “The Messiah used to say: ‘He who often becomes upset, his body becomes sick; he whose character is bad, his self becomes his torment; he who often talks, often stumbles; he who often lies, he loses his worth; he who quarrels with men, he loses his manliness.’”

(Bihàr, 14, 318, 17)


It is reported that the Commander of the Faithful [Imam Ali (pbuh] said, “Jesus the son of Mary (pbuh) said, ‘The dinar is the illness of religion, and the scholar (al-‘àlim) is the physician of religion. So if you see that the physician brings illness upon himself, distrust him, and know that he is not to advise others.’”

(Bihàr, 14, 319, 21)


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