Nawhas- Lady Fatema (as)

Haj Seyed Mehdi Mirdamad reciting a very heart breaking eulogy in arabic on the martydom of fatima zahra
Fatema Zahra(s.a) Haye Mazlooma – Ali Safdar
Ali safdar- Ya Fatima Zahra (A.S).
Am I Not Fatima Zahra? – Ali Fadhil
Mulla Ali Fadhil – Mathlooma ya Fatima
Mulla Ali Fadhil – Fatimas Karbala – When Fatima came to Karbala
Irfan Haider Nauha Ya Zehra (s.a)
Hazrat Fatima a.s. Urdu sub English – Mir Hasan Mir noha
Mulla Ali Fadhil – Dalooni

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