The below poem was written by Zahra Tabusum in dedication to the Shia Muslim Martyrs of Chilas, Pakistan

Oh martyrs of Chilaas, at your service we stand,

Although your blood was shed upon our homelands,

Your cries and pleas are loud, your legacy now in our hands

Your voices they muffle and mute,

We hear your heartbeats as we arise to salute,

Buses burnt alight, throats slashed, eyes removed from sight

Media blockade, your mobiles silenced your screams stolen,

Hopes have been murdered and your dreams fallen,

Do not cry oh little one, wipe away your tears my dear mother.

For snatched away were your sons, fathers and dear brother,

In their place will rise and stand elite in your support thousands more,

Your names raised upon banners high, written amongst Al-Hussain and names so pure,

Oh sons of Yezid, how you gloat today, that victory is yours.

Anxious for your arrival are scorching red hot hells’ hungry boars,

The blood you shed has now transcend its’ perfume deep into our veins

Hazarath Fatima upon Chilaas today shares her pains.

Announce to the world the calls and cries of Chillaas.

For today is blood red, Gilgit’s green grass,

The bodies fell today, tomorrow justice shall see,

The reign of the awaited one, upon this earth, raising the flag of the free.

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