By Kumailabbas Dewji

When one hears the name of Mokhtar Thaqafi then one cannot help but note the shivers run through. The personality of this great man and the lessons we learn from his life are abundant. His entire mission to avenge the blood of Imam Hussein (AS) is a unique event. If one wishes to attain closeness to Allah and be successful in the challenges of this world then one need to follow the ways this great man lived by. I recall as to how we used to always hear about the personality of Mokhtar in majlises and lectures without truly understanding what he has done for the religion of Islam. The greatness of this man was brought out when I watched the narratives of Mokhtar. This beautiful series was introduced to me by a friend who assured me that I would learn a lot from it. After watching a few episodes the interest grew towards it and I would make sure I would get my studying and work done early so I could spare some time for Mokhtar. Having watched this great series I have to conclude that the lessons I have learnt are plentiful wishing to share some of them.

The first lesson we learn from this series is how a true follower of Ahulbayt is supposed to be like. When one sees the various personalities involved in the series like Mokhtar, Kiyan( Mokhtar Persian friend), Bin Kamel( Mokhtar Arab friend), Ibrahim Malik Ashtar, Sahib and all the others in the mission then one commonly sees one trait among them all. The love of the Holy Household. It was a form of love that was put into actions and not just words. It was a form of love which pushed these people to give themselves away in whatever way the situation demanded. It was this love that made a person like Ibrahim Malik Ashtar not be able to sleep, eat or live normally after the killing of Aba Abdillah(AS). The question we need to ask ourselves is, Are we any way close to these great personalities? Do we even have a right to say we are the followers of Aba Abdillah when we see the level such people were at?

When one watches the series then one will see that the people of Kufa were the most unreliable people then. It is shocking how in a moment of minutes the people would change their support from one group to the next. It is this that makes us appreciate the greatness of Mokhtar even more when we see the type of people he had to govern and deal with. I recall Mokhtar stating in one of the parts that, “My rule did not depend on the Arabs; rather it relied on the support of the Persians.” We need to ask ourselves as to what was the cause of this. The answer is simple- A true faith did not exist in the heart of these people. The people followed blindly, did all of the rituals but did not have the true Marifat of the Imam of the time. Do we have the true marifat of our Imam? The people of Kufa were deceived by gold or were put away by fear. If we apply this into the current time then we notice that these are the same reasons misleading us. It is either that we have become too engrossed in the world and its different addictions or we have pushed away from religion and our ways in FEAR of how we will be perceived by the world. We think we will be called backwards if we don’t follow the lifestyle the rest of the world is living by. In the process we have sacrificed our Islamic ways. Each one of us needs to look deep inside ourselves and see whether we are like the Kufians or the followers of Mokhtar.

The third point we can learn from the mission of Mokhtar is the importance of having a good partner. Mokhtar had two wives by the names of Nariyeh and Omreh. Nariyeh the first wife was not the ideal wife and did not support Mokhtar in his mission. She always felt he was a cause of troubles to her and is seen to complain throughout the series. Yet when one looks at Omreh then one understands what a great support she was. It is a fact that the success of Mokhtar has to be attributed to the support of Omreh. This is because she like her husband shared the love of Imam Ali (AS) and that love was always put forward over her own needs. She understood the purpose of the mission and knew that she had to play her part too. In one of the scenes when she is detained by the evil ruler she stands up and says some powerful words. She says, “Mokhtar is the most trustworthy and just person I have ever seen. Mokhtar has a badge of honor from Ali (AS) and he called him graceful and said,” This child would be a salve on the sore of the prophets household.” She continues to say, Mokhtars hand was the hand of god who took revenge for the son of the prophet.” Those words could not be swallowed by the evil ruler and orders she be killed. Omreh attained martyrdom before Mokhtar having had a big influence on the life of Mokhtar. This makes us realize the importance of women in our society and the need to choose a right spouse. The criteria being simple – The true love of Ali in the heart and the rest will just fall in place.

The fourth message we derive from this amazing series is the need of patience and focus to attain success. Mokhtar had to go through very tough times to finally be able to establish a proper ruling system. He spent a lot of time in the beginning in prisons and had to go through very trials and tribulations before he could get to what he was destined to. He had to on various times analyze himself and “fight the devil in him” only then did he manage to establish a government and avenge the blood of Imam Hussein (AS). He had to face the ignorance of the people and the constant threats from different rulers only to remain unshaken. We need to apply this to our lives as well. How determined are we when it comes to serving our community? Many a times we have tried to help at different levels in our community and then faced negativity or obstacles and felt put off. At that moment we need to look at Mokhtar and remember what he went through. Our problems will look small all of a sudden.

Last but not the least the series of Mokhtar shows us how much torture our Imams and their family had to go through. The series shows the events of Kerbala and what transpired, it shows the torture that fell on the Holy household and the most touching of parts is when Harmaleh (May Allah curse him till the day of Judgment) kills the six month old baby Aliasgher. That part will make any heart cry and one cannot imagine what the events on that day must have been like. It is not in our power to imagine or even comprehend what our Imam and his family went through. We then also get an understanding of the difficulties all our Imams faced in their respective times. It is indeed heartbreaking to imagine that if Mokhtar went through such tough times then what about Ali Ibn Abi Talib(AS). And this is summed up by the words of Mokhtar`s mother Dommeh. She says to her son, “Ali would put his head into a well and cry. He was alone. Only God and the well could hear the sound of his cry. You have a mother to clean your tears. Lest anyone see the tears of Dommeh’s son.”

To watch the series of Mokhtar, Please click on the below link

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