by Nouri Sardar

I observe and so I am amazed by many things
One of them being how the mind can be brought to think
This mind, gifted, was structured as to house intellect
Yet it chooses to from the cup of ignorance drink
Like the commander of a great ship sailing at sea
Daily sailing harsh waters and daily at the brink
Of destruction, yet he wants it given to this sea
And to the deep fold of this ocean watch his ship sink


A beautiful whole number, rather than seeing it
Multiplied, strengthened, he wants to see it’s division
He wants it broken and into the smallest pieces
Maybe so its him that wields rule and decision
Or maybe so this grand and beautiful religion
Can fit into his own limited comprehension
And with this limited mind he wants to hold the reigns
As to direct the religion to his own vision


It’s this sad reality we face here in London
Maybe on each Western shore that we sought asylum
We see this religion, no more than our own playground
Rather than seeing it a sea of light and spectrum
I wonder, was there none better, to whom bless this faith?
To a man of free-thinking, not a youth with a tantrum?
A man who can rescue us from our own ignorance
And weld the right key as to unlock each conundrum


And yet still day after day, with all that we have been blessed
We still see our religion as no more than contest
“I’m Sistani, I’m Shirazi, I’m Khamanaei
Till your identity becomes mine, I cannot rest
Because I am so insecure toward new ideas
When someone disagrees with me, I have to protest”
Even me and I’m just a poet, I can’t escape
The clutches of people who even silence detest


We’ve been given a golden responsibility
This, a blessing from our Merciful, Almighty Lord
We are enriched and our greatest weapons are our minds
Whilst everyone else still bickers with arrow and sword
Is there another faith that encourages free-thinking?
Is there a ship that allows every idea to board
Is there a web that to each idea’s thread can connect,
That never snaps nor sinks even with the world aboard


We’re free, our minds can wander any plain and return
Others forbid exploring change, and so are jailed
By their minds, we are free to think and learn, so we’re free
When all ideas were thrown to pits, all died, we prevailed
So don’t promote divide in us, don’t enslave the free
If you breathe in ideas ensure the wrong you’ve exhaled
That which embeds itself in your bloodstream will change you
Which is why the teachings of Muhammed and Ali we’ve inhaled


Comments on: "Divisions" (1)

  1. The ship comes to port with salty fish and the fruit of the land sweetens it with the spices of the village where everyone eats together, and every drop of water is not lost in the ocean anymore, but turns a desert of misunderstanding into an oasis that will quench the thirst of the beating heart of anyone who can hear the rhythm. There is a shelter where all are welcome to hear the rain on the roof while they rest in each other’s arms and sing.

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