The Loyal

by Taher Adel

From deep within the pits of Kufa
Few hearts still leaned towards the light
My heart was one of few lanterns 
That sought Hussain that night
Defending the honour of the prophet
Is the home of my lofty heights 
This flag in my heart pushes me forth
For I am the bearer of the non-Hashemites II
Arriving to the light in a cloud of dust
The first sign of Karbala was his smile
My tears like my horse lose their feet
Yet the distance between us counts in miles
Lost in the spinning spires of his beauty 
Immediately the distance proved worthwhile 
Here I was a young soul in an aging man
At the forefront of my destined trial 
This night is void of darkness despite the blanket sky
Seventy two surrounding one candle in the night 
I feel the prostrations of devoted hearts
And see angels whisper proud in flight 
I hear the humming of whispered prayers
Plenty of wishes but no wish are to survive 
Here we are all 72 in the darkness like
Bees surrounding our hiveIV
Zainab’s tears have broken us 
And carved open the stones of our hearts 
Water now flows in tandem streams
Our past and future now distant apart
This earth knows only our days 
While heaven knows our eternity 
Death is tasted only once in life
But for Hussain, we grant it without pity

Battles have sown my destiny
Just as days have built up my being
Swords have been blunted whilst
Sacrifice has sharpened the world that I am seeing 
Each strike of this sword has knitted
Each fragment of this soul for today
Each scar is another signature 
Of allegiance to your fathers name

I am Habib and age is nothing but a breeze 
Swimming through this storm
No breeze could pluck nor can storms pull
This rooted love beyond nature’s norms
I give you my days as if my soul is a youth
I spread them evenly between my aging years
I spill my years now on the surface 
Of this land in honour of Zainab’s tears


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